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R.A. Schmidt, and T. Miller
Influence of inoculum concentration on production of spermogonia and aecia on pine seedlings infected by basidiospores of Cronartium quercuum f. sp. fusiforme
Plant Disease 83 (4), 367-370 (1999)

R.A. Schmidt, K.P. Gramacho, T. Miller, and C.H. Young
Components of partial resistance in the slash pine-Fusiform rust pathosystem
Phytopathology 90 (9), 1005-1010 (2000)

A.N. Shukla, R.A. Schmidt, and T. Miller
Symptoms in slash pine seedlings following inoculation with the cone rust fungus Cronartium strobilinum
Forest Pathology 31 (6), 345-352 (2001)

LH. Purdy, and R.A. Schmidt
Status of cacao witches' broom: Biology, epidemiology, and management
Annual Review of Phytopathology 34, 573-594 (1996)

Robert A. Schmidt
Fusiform rust of southern pines: a major success for forest disease management
Phytopathology 93 (8), 1048-1051 (2003)

R. Schmidt, P. Zajkowski, and J. Wink
Toxicity of Fusarium sambucinum Fuckel sensu lato to brine shrimp
Mycopathologia 129 (3), 173-175 (1995)

J.F. Howell, R.S. Schmidt, D.R. Horton, S.U.K. Khattak, and L.D. White
Codling moth: Male moth activity in response to pheromone lures and pheromone-baited traps at different elevations within and between trees
Environmental Entomology 19 (3), 573-577 (1990)

D. Grote, R. Schmidt, and W. Claussen
Water uptake and proline index as indicators of predisposition in tomato plants to Phytophthora nicotianae infection as influenced by abiotic stresses
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 69 (4-6), 121-130 (2006)

J.M. Goatley Jr., and R.E. Schmidt
Crabgrass control and dollar spot suppression in creeping bentgrass with DSMA
HortScience 29 (8), 884-886 (1994)

H. Saucke, A. Balasus, M.R. Finckh, B. Formowitz, R. Schmidt, and A. Kratt
Mating disruption of pea moth (Cydia nigricana) in organic peas (Pisum sativum)
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 150 (3), 199-207 (2014)

Rachel M. Schmidt, Micaela M. Carter, Michelle L. Chu, Casey J. Latario, Sarah K. Stadler, and Devin L. Stauff
Heme sensing in Bacillus thuringiensis: a supplementary HssRS-regulated heme resistance system
FEMS Microbiology Letters 363 (9 - fnw076) (2016)

Ruth Schmidt, Mikael B. Durling, Victor de Jager, Riya C. Menezes, Erik Nordkvist, Ales Svatos, Mukesh Dubey, Lukas Lauterbach, Jeroen S. Dickschat, Magnus Karlsson, and Paolina Garbeva
Deciphering the genome and secondary metabolome of the plant pathogen Fusarium culmorum
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 94 (6 - fiy078) (2018)

M. Eugenia Estanga-Mollica, Romina M. Schmidt, Marina C. Cock, and José L. Hierro
Non-native weed reaches community dominance under the canopy of dominant native tree
Biological Invasions 23 (9), 2849-2861 (2021)


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