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Mulualem T. Kassa, Frank M. You, Colin W. Hiebert, Curtis J. Pozniak, Pierre R. Fobert, Andrew G. Sharpe, James G. Menzies, D. Gavin Humphreys, Nicole Rezac Harrison, John P. Fellers, Brent D. McCallum, and Curt A. McCartney
Highly predictive SNP markers for efficient selection of the wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr16
BMC Plant Biology 17 (45) (2017)

Helen M. Cockerton, Robert J. Vickerstaff, Amanda Karlström, Fiona Wilson, Maria Sobczyk, Joe Q. He, Daniel J. Sargent, Andy J. Passey, Kirsty J. McLeary, Katalin Pakozdi, Nicola Harrison, Maria Lumbreras-Martinez, Laima Antanaviciute, David W. Simpson, and Richard J. Harrison
Identification of powdery mildew resistance QTL in strawberry (Fragaria ananassa)
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 131 (9), 1995-2007 (2018)

Lei Pan, Danilo da Silva, Fernando A. Pagliai, Natalie A. Harrison, Claudio F. Gonzalez, and Graciela L. Lorca
The ferredoxin-like protein FerR regulates PrbP activity in Liberibacter asiaticus
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 85 (4 - e02605-18) (2019)


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