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Philip L. Mason, Richard J. Brown, and Richard A. Nichols
Population structure and insecticidal control of the sawtooothed grain beetle (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) under simulated field conditions
Journal of Economic Entomology 90 (1), 27-37 (1997)

P.L. Mason
Selection for and against resistance to insecticides in the absence of insecticide: a case study of malathion resistance in the saw-toothed grain beetle, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (Coleoptera: Silvanidae)
Bulletin of Entomological Research 88 (2), 177-188 (1998)

Michael D. Brown, Darran Thomas, Paul Mason, Jack G. Greenwood, and Brian H. Kay
Laboratory and field evaluation of the efficacy of four insecticides for Aedes vigilax (Diptera : Culicidae) and toxicity to the nontarget shrimp Leander tenuicornis (Decapoda : Palaemonidae)
Journal of Economic Entomology 92 (5), 1045-1051 (1999)

L. Braun, M. Erlandson, D. Baldwin, J. Soroka, P. Mason, R. Foottit, and D. Hegedus
Seasonal occurrence, species composition, and parasitism of Lygus spp. in alfalfa, canola, and mustard
The Canadian Entomologist 133 (4), 565-577 (2001)

H. Cárcamo, J. Otani, C. Herle, M. Dolinski, L. Dosdall, P. Mason, R. Butts, L. Kaminski, and O. Olfert
Variation of Lygus species assemblage in canola agroecosystems in relation to ecoregion and crop stage
The Canadian Entomologist 134 (1), 97-111 (2002)

P.L. Mason
Population biology of the saw-toothed grain beetle, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (Coleoptera: Silvanidae), in an experimental model of a fabric treatment
Bulletin of Entomological Research 86 (4), 377-385 (1996)

Lorenza Beati, Patrick J. Kelly, Linda A. Matthewman, Peter R. Mason, and Didier Raoult
Prevalence of rickettsia-like organisms and spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) from Zimbabwe
Journal of Medical Entomology 32 (6), 787-792 (1995)

Phil Mason
Detections of panicle rice mite, Steneotarsonemus spinki, in Brazoria County, Texas
North American Plant Protection Organization - Official Pest Reports No. 269 (2007)

Phil Mason
Detections of panicle rice mite, Steneotarsonemus spinki, in Rayne, Acadia Parish, Louisiana - United States
North American Plant Protection Organization - Official Pest Reports No. 279 (2007)

B. Zhu, J.R. Lawrence, S.I. Warwick, P. Mason, L. Braun, M.D. Halfhill, and C.N. Stewart Jr.
Stable Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxin content in interspecific F1 and backcross populations of wild Brassica rapa after Bt gene transfer
Molecular Ecology 13 (1), 237-241 (2004)

Peri A. Mason, Steven R. Wilkes, John T. Lill, and Michael S. Singer
Abundance trumps quality: bi-trophic performance and parasitism risk fail to explain host use in the fall webworm
Oikos 120 (10), 1509-1518 (2011)

Aileen C. Mill, Steven P. Rushton, Mark D.F. Shirley, Graham C. Smith, Phil Mason, Mike A. Brown, and Giles E. Budge
Clustering, persistence and control of a pollinator brood disease: epidemiology of American foulbrood
Environmental Microbiology 16 (12), 3753-3763 (2014)

Mufaro Kanyangarara, Edmore Mamini, Sungano Mharakurwa, Shungu Munyati, Lovemore Gwanzura, Tamaki Kobayashi, Timothy Shields, Luke C. Mullany, Susan Mutambu, Peter R. Mason, Frank C. Curriero, and William J. Moss
Reduction in malaria incidence following indoor residual spraying with Actellic 300 CS in a setting with pyrethroid resistance: Mutasa District, Zimbabwe
PLoS ONE 11 (3 - e0151971) (2016)


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