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D.J. Thackray, T.J. Ridsdill-Smith, and D.J. Gillespie
Mass rearing Halotydeus destructor (Tucker) (Acari : Penthaleidae) for use in summer screening of Trifolium subterraneum (L.) for mite resistance
Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 37 (3), 343-349 (1997)

S. van Laerhoven, D. Gillespie, and B. Roitberg
Residence time on plants is determined by both prey and plant species in the omnivore Dicyphus hesperus (Heteroptera: Miridae)
Journal of Insect Science 3 (33), p. 26 (2003)

T.R.J. Hazard, D. Gillespie, and B.D. Roitberg
The importance of vision in locating prey within a patch for a true omnivore
Journal of Insect Science 7 (16), 7-8 (2007)


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