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Gang Chen, James Chong, Mark Gray, Suvira Prashar, and J. Douglas Procunier
Identification of single-nucleotide polymorphisms linked to resistance gene Pc68 to crown rust in cultivated oat
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 28 (2), 214-222 (2006)

Lance Wilkie, Gerasimos Cassis, and Michael Gray
The effects on terrestrial arthropod communities of invasion of a coastal heath ecosystem by the exotic weed bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. rotundata L.)
Biological Invasions 9 (4), 477-498 (2007)

Piran C.L. White, Geraldine Newton-Cross, Michael Gray, Roland Ashford, Catherine White, and Glen Saunders
Spatial interactions and habitat use of rabbits on pasture and implications for the spread of rabbit haemorrhagic disease in New South Wales
Wildlife Research 30 (1), 49-58 (2003)

Benjamin J. Krajacich, Jeremiah R. Slade, Robert T. Mulligan, Brendan Labrecque, Kevin C. Kobylinski, Meg Gray, Wojtek S. Kuklinski, Timothy A. Burton, Jonathan A. Seaman, Massamba Sylla, and Brian D. Foy
Design and testing of a novel, protective human-baited tent trap for the collection of anthropophilic disease vectors
Journal of Medical Entomology 51 (1), 253-263 (2014)

Melissa M. Gray, Daniel Wegmann, Ryan J. Haasl, Michael A. White, Sofia I. Gabriel, Jeremy B. Searle, Richard J. Cuthbert, Peter G. Ryan, and Bret A. Payseur
Demographic history of a recent invasion of house mice on the isolated Island of Gough
Molecular Ecology 23 (8), 1923-1939 (2014)

Morgan A. Gray, Wei Hao, Helga Förster, and James E. Adaskaveg
Baseline sensitivities of new fungicides and their toxicity to selected life stages of Phytophthora species from citrus in California
Plant Disease 102 (4), 734-742 (2018)

Wei Hao, Morgan A. Gray, Helga Förster, and James E. Adaskaveg
Evaluation of new oomycota fungicides for management of Phytophthora root rot of citrus in California
Plant Disease 103 (4), 619-628 (2019)

Chilinh Nguyen, Meg Gray, Timothy A. Burton, Soleil L. Foy, John R. Foster, Alex Lazr Gendernalik, Claudia Rückert, Haoues Alout, Michael C. Young, Broox Boze, Gregory D. Ebel, Brady Clapsaddle, and Brian D. Foy
Evaluation of a novel West Nile virus transmission control strategy that targets Culex tarsalis with endectocide-containing blood meals
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 13 (3 - e0007210) (2019)

Chris J.K. Macquarrie, Meghan Gray, Robert Lavallée, Meghan K. Noseworthy, Marc Savard, and Leland M. Humble
Assessment of the systems approach for the phytosanitary treatment of wood infested with wood-boring insects
Journal of Economic Entomology 113 (2), 679-694 (2020)

Morgan A. Gray, Kevin A. Nguyen, Wei Hao, Rodger J. Belisle, Helga Förster, and James E. Adaskaveg
Mobility of oxathiapiprolin and mefenoxam in citrus seedlings after root application and implications for managing Phytophthora root rot
Plant Disease 104 (12), 3159-3165 (2020)


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