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Mohammad A. Al-Deeb, Gerald E. Wilde, John M. Blair, and Tim C. Todd
Effect of Bt corn for corn rootworm control on nontarget soil microarthropods and nematodes
Environmental Entomology 32 (4), 859-865 (2003)

James S. Hunter III, Derek Baggott, William R. Everett, Josephus J. Fourie, Luiz G. Cramer, Stephen S. Yoon, Nadia Collidor, Yasmina Mallouk, Lorne Lee, Jeffrey Blair, and Joseph B. Prullage
Efficacy of a novel topical combination of fipronil, amitraz and (S)-methoprene for treatment and control of induced infestations of brown dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) on dogs
Veterinary Parasitology 179 (4), 318-323 (2011)

Jeffrey Blair, Josephus J. Fourie, Marie Varloud, and Ivan G. Horak
Efficacy and speed of kill of a topically applied formulation of dinotefuran-permethrin-pyriproxyfen against weekly tick infestations with Rhipicephalus sanguineus (sensu lato) on dogs
Parasites and Vectors 9 (283) (2016)


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