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Tian-Wei Lin, Anthony J. Clark, Zhongguo Chen, Michael Shanks, Jin-Bi Dai, Ying Li, Tim Schmidt, Per Oxelfelt, George P. Lomonossoff, and John E. Johnson
Structural fingerprinting: Subgrouping of comoviruses by structural studies of red clover mottle virus to 2.4- Å resolution and comparison with other comoviruses
Journal of Virology 74 (1), 493-504 (2000)

Thomas J. Smith, Elaine Chase, Timothy Schmidt, and Keith L. Perry
The structure of cucumber mosaic virus and comparison to cowpea chlorotic mottle virus
Journal of Virology 74 (16), 7578-7586 (2000)

Thomas Schmidt, Johannes Lückmann, Richard Schmuck, and Christian Maus
Auswirkungen von Saatbeizmitteln auf Laufkäfer (Coleoptera: Carabidae): Welche Parameter können die Ergebnisse von Freilandstudien beeinflussen?
[Potential effects of a seed dressing substance on carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae): which parameters could influence the results of field studies?]
Mitteilungen der deutschen Gesellschaft für allgemeine und angewandte Entomologie 13, 595-598 (2001)

Jiyuan Ke, Timothy Schmidt, Elaine Chase, Robert F. Bozarth, and Thomas J. Smith
Structure of Cowpea mottle virus: a consensus in the genus Carmovirus
Virology 321 (2), 349-358 (2004)

Thomas F. Döring, and Thomas Schmidt
Response of apterous potato aphids to visual contrasts (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
Entomologia Generalis 30 (2), 190-191 (2007)

Tobias Engl, Nadia Eberl, Carla Gorse, Theresa Krüger, Thorsten H.P. Schmidt, Rudy Plarre, Cornel Adler, and Martin Kaltenpoth
Ancient symbiosis confers desiccation resistance to stored grain pest beetles
Molecular Ecology 27 (8), 2095-2108 (2018)

Tobias Engl, Thorsten H.P. Schmidt, Sthandiwe Nomthandazo Kanyile, and Dagmar Klebsch
Metabolic cost of a nutritional symbiont manifests in delayed reproduction in a grain pest beetle
Insects 11 (10 - 717) (2020)


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