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J. Dorado, E. Sousa, I.M. Calha, J.L. González-Andújar, and C. Fernández-Quintanilla
Predicting weed emergence in maize crops under two contrasting climatic conditions
Weed Research 49 (3), 251-260 (2009)

Donato Loddo, Edite Sousa, Roberta Masin, Isabel Calha, Giuseppe Zanin, César Fernández-Quintanilla, and José Dorado
Estimation and comparison of base temperatures for germination of European populations of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and jimsonweed (Datura stramonium)
Weed Science 61 (3), 443-451 (2013)

D. Loddo, E. Sousa, R. Masin, I.M. Calha, G. Zanin, C. Fernández-Quintanilla, and J. Dorado
Germination response of local Southern European populations of Datura stramonium at a range of constant temperatures
Weed Research 54 (4), 356-365 (2014)


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