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D.R. Smith, G.R. Stanosz, and W.J. Swart
Analysis of RAPDs indicates worldwide occurrence of the A morphotype of Shaeropsis sapinae on various coniferous hosts
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S88 (1996)

R.J. Elder, D. Smith, and K.L. Bell
Successful parasitoid control of Aonidiella orientalis (Newstead) (Hemiptera : Diaspididae) on Carica papaya L.
Australian Journal of Entomology 37 (1), 74-79 (1998)

Stewart M. Gray, Jay W. Chapin, Dawn M. Smith, Nanditta Banerjee, and James S. Thomas
Barley yellow dwarf luteoviruses and their predominant aphid vectors in winter wheat grown in South Carolina
Plant Disease 82 (12), 1328-1333 (1998)

D.R. Barnard, K.H. Posey, D. Smith, and C.E. Schreck
Mosquito density, biting rate and cage size effects on repellent tests
Medical and Veterinary Entomology 12 (1), 39-45 (1998)

D. Smith, N.J. Smith, and K.M. Smith
Effect of abamectin on citrus rust mite Phyllocoptruta oleivora and brown citrus rust mite Tegolophus australis and the scale natural enemies Aphytis lingnanensis and Chilocorus circumdatus on oranges
Plant Protection Quarterly 13 (3), 136-139 (1998)

G.R. Stanosz, W.J. Swart, and D.R. Smith
RAPD marker and isozyme characterization of Sphaeropsis sapinea from diverse coniferous hosts and locations
Mycological Research 103 (9), 1193-1202 (1999)

Alexey G. Zinovjev, and David R. Smith
Types and biological notes of the eastern North American sawflies of Pontania Costa and Phyllocolpa Benson (Hymenoptera : Tenthredinidae) described by Marlatt, Dyar, and Rohwer
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 101 (2), 359-371 (1999)

Frank Koch, and David R. Smith
Nematus oligospilus Förster (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae), and introduced willow sawfly in the southern Hemisphere
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 102 (2), 292-300 (2000)

David R. Shaw, William H. Morris, Eric P. Webster, and David B. Smith
Effects of spray volume and droplet size on herbicide deposition and common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) control
Weed Technology 14 (2), 321-326 (2000)

J.F. Barbosa-Neto, W. Siripoonwiwat, L.S. O'Donoughue, S.M. Gray, D.M. Smith, F.L. Kolb, C. Gourmet, C.M. Brown, and M.E. Sorrells
Chromosomal regions associated with barley yellow dwarf virus resistance in oat
Euphytica 114 (1), 67-76 (2000)

David R. Smith, and Henri Goulet
Monosoma pulverata (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae), an alder-feeding sawfly new to North America
Entomological News 111 (4), 238-242 (2000)

K.M. Smith, D. Smith, and A.T. Lisle
Effect of field-weathered residues of pyriproxyfen on the predatory coccinellids Chilocorus circumdatus Gyllenhal and Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant
Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 39 (8), 995-1000 (1999)

David R. Smith, and Edgar Arturo Benítez Díaz
A new species of Sericoceros Konow (Hymenoptera: Argidae) damaging villetana trees, Triplaris caracasana Cham. (Polygonaceae) in Paraguay
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 103 (1), 217-221 (2001)

Eliane Ubalijoro, Chantal Hamel, Charles R. McClung, and Donald L. Smith
Detection of chitin synthase class I and II type sequences in six different arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and gene expression in Glomus intraradices
Mycological Research 105 (4), 470-476 (2001)

W. James Grichar, David C. Sestak, Kevin D. Brewer, Brent A. Besler, Charles R. Stichler, and Dudley T. Smith
Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) tolerance and weed control with soil-applied herbicides
Crop Protection 20 (5), 389-394 (2001)

Lucio Zavaleta, D.M. Smith, and S.M. Gray
Variation in transmission efficiency among Barley yellow dwarf virus-RMV isolates and clones of the normally inefficient aphid vector, Rhopalosiphum padi
Phytopathology 91 (8), 792-796 (2001)

Jay W. Chapin, James S. Thomas, Stewart M. Gray, Dawn M. Smith, and Susan E. Halbert
Seasonal abundance of aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) in wheat and their role as barley yellow dwarf virus vectors in the South Carolina coastal plain
Journal of Economic Entomology 94 (2), 410-421 (2001)

J.T. Reed, and D.B. Smith
Droplet size and spray volume effects on insecticide deposit and mortality of heliothine (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae in cotton
Journal of Economic Entomology 94 (3), 640-647 (2001)

Denise R. Smith, and Glen R. Stanosz
Molecular and morphological differentiation of Botryosphaeria dothidea (anamorph Fusicoccum aesculi) from some other fungi with Fusicoccum anamorphs
Mycologia 93 (3), 505-515 (2001)

Shiguo Zhou, Denise R. Smith, and Glen R. Stanosz
Differentiation of Botryosphaeria species and related anamorphic fungi using Inter Simple or Short Sequence Repeat (ISSR) fingerprinting
Mycological Research 105 (8), 919-926 (2001)

Denise R. Smith, Themis J. Michailides, and Glen R. Stanosz
Differentiation of a Fusicoccum sp. causing panicle and shoot blight on California pistachio trees from Botryosphaeria dothidea
Plant Disease 85 (12), 1235-1240 (2001)

Sultan H. Begna, Robert I. Hamilton, Lianne M. Dwyer, Doug W. Stewart, Daniel Cloutier, Louis Assemat, Kayhan Foroutan-Pour, and Donald L. Smith
Weed biomass production response to plant spacing and corn (Zea mays) hybrids differing in canopy architecture
Weed Technology 15 (4), 647-653 (2001)

David R. Smith, and Nathan M. Schiff
A review of the siricid woodwasps and their ibaliid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Siricidae, Ibaliidae) in the eastern United States, with emphasis on the Mid-Atlantic region
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 104 (1), 174-194 (2002)

David R. Smith, and Nathan M. Schiff
A new species of Xiphydria Latreille (Hymenoptera: Xiphydriidae) reared from river birch, Betula nigra L., in North America
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 103 (4), 962-967 (2001)

Stewart M. Gray, Dawn M. Smith, Lia Barbierri, and John Burd
Virus transmission phenotype is correlated with host adaptation among genetically diverse populations of the aphid Schizaphis graminum
Phytopathology 92 (9), 970-975 (2002)

R.E. Pfadt, and D.S. Smith
Net reproductive rate and capacity for increase of the migratory grasshopper, Melanoplus sanguinipes sanguinipes (F.)
Acrida 1, 149-165 (1971)

D.S. Smith, and N.D. Holmes
The distribution and abundance of adult grasshoppers (Acrididae) in crops in Alberta, 1918-1975
The Canadian Entomologist 109 (4), 575-592 (1977)

N.D. Holmes, D.S. Smith, and A. Johnston
Effect of grazing by cattle on the abundance of grasshoppers on fescue grassland
Journal of Range Management 32, 310-311 (1979)

M.J. Ryan, P.D. Bridge, D. Smith, and P. Jeffries
Phenotypic degeneration occurs during sector formation in Metarhizium anisopliae
Journal of Applied Microbiology 93 (1), 163-168 (2002)

David R. Smith, A.D. Wright, A. Winotai, and R. Desmier de Chenon
Studies on Neostromboceros albicomus (Konow) (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae), a potential biological control agent for the Old World climbing fern, with notes on two other species of Neostromboceros
Journal of Hymenoptera Research 11 (1), 142-151 (2002)

D.S. Smith
Fecundity and oviposition in the grasshoppers Melanoplus sanguinipes (F.) and Melanoplus bivittatus (Say)
The Canadian Entomologist 98 (6), 617-621 (1966)

R.D. Bird, W. Allen, and D.S. Smith
The responses of grasshoppers to ecological changes produced by agricultural development in southwestern Manitoba
The Canadian Entomologist 98 (11), 1191-1205 (1966)

E. Feci, D. Smith, and G.R. Stanosz
Association of Sphaeropsis sapinea with insect-damaged red pine shoots and cones
Forest Pathology 33 (1), 7-13 (2003)

D.S. Smith
Ovarioles and developing eggs in grasshoppers
The Canadian Entomologist 96 (9), 1255-1258 (1964)

D.G. Smith
Scheme no. R.1609. Final report. [Airborne radar and equipment for the detection and for measurement of flying swarms and flying and non-flying Desert Locust populations including hoppers]
Nairobi, University College. 33 pp. (1967)

D.S. Smith
Oviposition and fertility and their relation to copulation in Melanoplus sanguinipes (F)
Bulletin of Entomological Research 57 (4), 559-565 (1968)

D.S. Smith
Oviposition, development of eggs, and chromosome complement of eggs of virgin females of the grasshopper Melanoplus sanguinipes
The Canadian Entomologist 101 (1), 23-27 (1969)

D.S. Smith
Crowding in grasshoppers. I. Effect of crowding within one generation on Melanoplus sanguinipes
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 63 (6), 1775-1776 (1970)

D.S. Smith
Crowding in grasshoppers. II. Continuing effects of crowding on subsequent generations of Melanoplus sanguinipes (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
Environmental Entomology 1 (3), 314-317 (1972)

John S. Strazanac, David R. Smith, Rachel A. Braud, Cynthia J. Fritzler, and Linda Butler
Symphyta (Hymenoptera) species richness in mixed oak-pine forests in the central Appalachians
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 105 (1), 131-137 (2003)

David R. Smith
A synopsis of the sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) of America south of the United States: Tenthredinidae (Nematinae, Heterarthrinae, Tenthredininae)
Transactions of the American Entomological Society 129 (1), 1-45 (2003)

D.R. Smith, J.J. Bronson, and G.R. Stanosz
Host-related variation among isolates of the Sirococcus shoot blight pathogen from conifers
Forest Pathology 33 (3), 141-156 (2003)

D.S. Smith
Note on destruction of grasshopper eggs by the field cricket Acheta assimilis luctuosus (Serville) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)
The Canadian Entomologist 91 (2), p. 127 (1959)

D.S. Smith
The utilization of food plants by the grasshopper, Melanoplus mexicanus mexicanus (Sauss.)
Diss. Abstr. Ann Arbor, Mich., 19, 2695 (1959)

D.S. Smith
Utilization of food plants by the migratory grasshopper, Melanoplus bilituratus (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae), with some observations on the nutritional value of the plants
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 52 (6), 674-680 (1959)

D.S. Smith
Effects of changing the phosphorus content of the food plant on the migratory grasshopper, Melanoplus bilituratus (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
The Canadian Entomologist 92 (2), 103-107 (1960)

D.S. Smith
Survival of unfed first-instar grasshoppers
The Canadian Entomologist 92 (10), 755-756 (1960)

D.S. Smith, and F.E. Northcott
The effects on the grasshopper Melanoplus mexicanus mexicanus (Sauss.) (Orthoptera: Acrididae), of varying the nitrogen content of its food plant
Canadian Journal of Zoology 29 (5), 297-304 (1951)

D.S. Smith, R.H. Handford, and W. Chefurka
Some effects of various food plants on Melanolpus mexicanus mexicanus (Sauss.) (Orthoptera: Acrididiae)
The Canadian Entomologist 84 (4), 113-117 (1952)

S.A. Mehlenbacher, R.N. Brown, J.W. Davis, H. Chen, N.V. Bassil, D.C. Smith, and T.L. Kubisiak
RAPD markers linked to eastern filbert blight resistance in Corylus avellana
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 108 (4), 651-656 (2004)

R.J. Elder, D. Gultzow, D. Smith, and K.L. Bell
Oviposition by Comperiella lemniscata Compere and Annecke (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) in Aonidiella orientalis (Newstead) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Australian Journal of Entomology 36 (3), 299-301 (1997)

David R. Smith
Discovery and spread of the Asian horntail, Eriotremex formosanus (Matsumura) (Hymenoptera: Siricidae), in the United Stated
Journal of Entomological Science 31 (2), 166-171 (1996)

Yuming Bai, Xiaomin Zhou, and Donald L. Smith
Enhanced soybean plant growth resulting from coinoculation of Bacillus strains with Bradyrhizobium japonicum
Crop Science 43 (5), 1774-1781 (2003)

M.D. Mishra, R.W. Hammond, R.A. Owens, D.R. Smith, and T.O. Diener
Indian bunchy top disease of tomato plants is caused by a distinct strain of citrus exocortis viroid
Journal of General Virology 72 (8), 1781-1785 (1991)

David R. Smith
A new sawfly (Hymenoptera: Pergidae) feeding on guava, Psidium guajava L. (Myrtaceae), in Costa Rica
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 107 (1), 214-217 (2005)

John F. Huntley, Adri van den Broek, Judith Machell, Anne Mackellar, Dan Pettit, Lynne Meikle, Garry Barcham, Els N.T. Meeusen, and David Smith
The effect of immunosuppression with Cyclosporin A on the development of sheep scab
Veterinary Parasitology 127 (3-4), 323-332 (2005)

Dudley T. Smith
Pest management practices in stored peanuts in the southwestern United States
Southwestern Entomologist 29 (4), p. 285 (2004)

David R. Smith
Two new fern-feeding sawflies of the genus Aneugmenus Hartig (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) from South America
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 107 (2), 273-278 (2005)

G.R. Stanosz, D.R. Smith, and J.S. Albers
Surveys for asymptomatic persistence of Sphaeropsis sapinea on or in stems of red pine seedlings from seven Great Lakes region nurseries
Forest Pathology 35 (4), 233-244 (2005)

G.D. Thomas, R.D. Hall, C.W. Wingo, D.B. Smith, and C.E. Morgan
Field mortality studies of the immature stages of the face fly (Diptera: Muscidae) in Missouri
Environmental Entomology 12 (3), 823-830 (1983)

M. Intini, A. Panconesi, M.L. Ben Jamâa, G. Stanosz, and D. Smith
First report of diplodia canker of cypress caused by Diplodia pinea f. sp. cupressi on Mediterranean cypress in Tunisia
Plant Disease 89 (11), p. 1246 (2005)

Natapot Warrit, Deborah Roan Smith, and Chariya Lekprayoon
Genetic subpopulations of Varroa mites and their Apis cerana hosts in Thailand
Apidologie 37 (1), 19-30 (2006)

R.M. Clear, S.K. Patrick, D. Gaba, D. Abramson, and D.M. Smith
Prevalence of fungi and fusariotoxins on hard red spring and amber durum wheat seed from western Canada, 2000 to 2002
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 27 (4), 528-540 (2005)

David A. Smith, David A. Doll, Daljit Singh, and Steven G. Hallett
Climatic constraints to the potential of Microsphaeropsis amaranthi as a bioherbicide for common waterhemp
Phytopathology 96 (3), 308-312 (2006)

Denise R. Smith, and Glen R. Stanosz
A species-specific PCR assay for detection of Diplodia pinea and D. scrobiculata in dead red and jack pines with collar rot symptoms
Plant Disease 90 (3), 307-313 (2006)

E.J. Gray, K.D. Lee, A.M. Souleimanov, M.R. Di Falco, X. Zhou, A. Ly, T.C. Charles, B.T. Driscoll, and D.L. Smith
A novel bacteriocin, thuricin 17, produced by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria strain Bacillus thuringiensis NEB17: isolation and classification
Journal of Applied Microbiology 100 (3), 545-554 (2006)

B.A. Summerell, D.I. Smith, L.V. Gunn, I.W. Smith, and I.G. Pascoe
Fusarium wilt of Phoenix canariensis in Victoria
Australasian Plant Pathology 35 (2), 289-290 (2006)

D. Smith
Banana weevil borer control in south-eastern Queensland
Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 35 (8), 1165-1172 (1995)

David A. Smith, and Steven G. Hallett
Interactions between chemical herbicides and the candidate bioherbicide Microsphaeropsis amaranthi
Weed Science 54 (3), 532-537 (2006)

David A. Smith, and Steven G. Hallett
Variable response of common waterhemp (Amaranthus rudis) populations and individuals to glyphosate
Weed Technology 20 (2), 466-471 (2006)

Rochelle Campbell, Dan J. Smith, and André Arsenault
Multicentury history of western spruce budworm outbreaks in interior Douglas-fir forests near Kamloops, British Columbia
Canadian Journal of Forest Research - Revue Canadienne de Recherche Forestière 36 (7), 1758-1769 (2006)

Akhtar Ali, Hongye Li, William L. Schneider, Diana J. Sherman, Stewart Gray, Dawn Smith, and Marilyn J. Roossinck
Analysis of genetic bottlenecks during horizontal transmission of Cucumber mosaic virus
Journal of Virology 80 (17), 8345-8350 (2006)

M.E. Burrows, M.C. Caillaud, D.M. Smith, E.C. Benson, F.E. Gildow, and S.M. Gray
Genetic regulation of polerovirus and luteovirus transmission in the aphid Schizaphis graminum
Phytopathology 96 (8), 828-837 (2006)

S.M. Gray, M.C. Caillaud, M. Burrows, and D.M. Smith
Transmission of two viruses that cause Barley Yellow Dwarf is controlled by different loci in the aphid, Schizaphis graminum
Journal of Insect Science 7 (25), 1-15 (2007)

Jay A. Rosenheim, Sarina J. Jepsen, Christopher E. Matthews, David Solance Smith, and Micah R. Rosenheim
Portrait of an ephemeral adult stage: egg maturation, oviposition, and longevity of the gall midge Rhopalomyia californica (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 100 (4), 549-561 (2007)

S.W. Woolfolk, D.B. Smith, R.A. Martin, B.H. Sumrall, D.A. Nordlund, and R.A. Smith
Multiple orifice distribution system for placing green lacewing eggs into verticel larval rearing units
Journal of Economic Entomology 100 (2), 283-290 (2007)

Elizabeth J. Gray, Marcos Di Falco, Alfred Souleimanov, and Donald L. Smith
Proteomic analysis of the bacteriocin thuricin 17 produced by Bacillus thuringiensis NEB17
FEMS Microbiology Letters 255 (1), 27-32 (2006)

G.R. Stanosz, D.R. Smith, and R. Leisso
Diplodia shoot blight and asymptomatic persistence of Diplodia pinea on or in stems of jack pine nursery seedlings
Forest Pathology 37 (3), 145-154 (2007)

K. Ong, S. Hill, D.R. Smith, and G.R. Stanosz
Shoot blight caused by Diplodia pinea on Afghan and Austrian pines in Texas
Plant Disease 91 (8), p. 1056 (2007)

Dudley T. Smith, Roy V. Baker, and Gregory L. Steele
Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) impacts on yield, harvesting, and ginning in dryland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)
Weed Technology 14 (1), 122-126 (2000)

G. Stanosz, D. Smith, and J. Stanosz
Sawadaea powdery mildew of box elder (Acer negundo) in Wisconsin
Plant Disease 91 (5), p. 636 (2007)

Woo Jin Jung, Fazli Mabood, Tae Hwan Kim, and Donald L. Smith
Induction of pathogenesis-related proteins during biocontrol of Rhizoctonia solani with Pseudomonas aureofaciens in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) plants
BioControl 52 (6), 895-904 (2007)

R.J. Elder, and D. Smith
Mass rearing of Aonidiella orientalis (Newstead) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) on butternut gramma
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 34 (3), 253-254 (1995)

David Evans Walter, R.B. Halliday, and D. Smith
The Oriental red mite, Eutetranychus orientalis (Klein) (Acarina: Tetranychidae), in Australia
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 34 (4), 307-308 (1995)

C. Neale, D. Smith, G.A.C. Beattie, and M. Miles
Importation, host specificity testing, rearing and release of three parasitoids of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in eastern Australia
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 34 (4), 343-348 (1995)

Darci R. Smith, A. Paige Adams, Joan L. Kenney, Eryu Wang, and Scott C. Weaver
Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in the mosquito vector Aedes taeniorhynchus: Infection initiated by a small number of susceptible epithelial cells and a population bottleneck
Virology 372 (1), 176-186 (2008)

China F. Lunde, Shawn A. Mehlenbacher, and David C. Smith
Segregation for resistance to eastern filbert blight in progeny of 'Zimmerman' hazelnut
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 131 (6), 731-737 (2006)

B. Hudelson, D. Smith, G. Stanosz, and M. Hanson
First report of Sawadaea tulasnei powdery mildew of Norway maple (Acer platanoides) in Wisconsin
Plant Disease 92 (3), p. 485 (2008)

Clarice J. Coyne, Shawn A. Mehlenbacher, and David C. Smith
Sources of resistance to eastern filbert blight in hazelnut
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 123 (2), 253-257 (1998)

G.R. Stanosz, W.J. Swart, and D.R. Smith
Similarity between fungi identified as Diplodia pinea f. sp. cupressi in Israel and Botryosphaeria stevensii or Diplodia mutila on Juniperus in the United States
European Journal of Forest Pathology 28 (1), 33-42 (1998)

Debra R. Ayres, Debra L. Smith, Katy Zaremba, Shannon Klohr, and Donald R. Strong
Spread of exotic cordgrasses and hybrids (Spartina sp.) in the tidal marshes of San Francisco Bay, California, USA
Biological Invasions 6 (2), 221-231 (2004)

N. Warrit, T.A.R. Hagen, D.R. Smith, and I. Çakmak
A survey of Varroa destructor strains on Apis mellifera in Turkey
Journal of Apicultural Research 43 (4), 190-191 (2004)

D.R. Smith, and G.R. Stanosz
PCR primers for identification of Sirococcus conigenus and S. tsugae, and detection of S. conigenus from symptomatic and asymptomatic red pine shoots
Forest Pathology 38 (3), 156-168 (2008)

Honglin Chen, Shawn A. Mehlenbacher, and David C. Smith
AFLP markers linked to eastern filbert blight resistance from OSU 408.040 hazelnut
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 130 (3), 412-417 (2005)

Donna S. Smith, Solke H. De Boer, and Jane Gourley
An internal reaction control for routine detection of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus using a real-time TaqMan PCR-based assay
Plant Disease 92 (5), 684-693 (2008)

Duane C. Smith, Susan E. Meyer, and V.J. Anderson
Factors affecting Bromus tectorum seed bank carryover in western Utah
Rangeland Ecology and Management 61 (3), 430-436 (2008)

D.I. Smith, M. Hodda, I.W. Smith, L. Nambiar, I.G. Pascoe, and R. Aldaoud
Bursaphelenchus hunanensis associated with dying Pinus species in Victoria, Australia
Australasian Plant Disease Notes 3 (1), 93-95 (2008)

L. Han, P. Dutilleul, S.O. Prasher, C. Beaulieu, and D.L. Smith
Assessment of common scab-inducing pathogen effects on potato underground organs via computed tomography scanning
Phytopathology 98 (10), 1118-1125 (2008)

G.R. Stanosz, D.R. Smith, and M.A. Guthmiller
Pathogenicity of A and B morphotypes of Sphaeropsis sapinea confirmed on American larch (tamarack) and European larch
European Journal of Forest Pathology 27 (5), 301-307 (1997)

G.R. Stanosz, D.R. Smith, S.W. Fraedrich, R.E. Baird, and A. Mangini
Diplodia pinea, the cause of Diplodia blight of pines, confirmed in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi
Plant Disease 93 (2), p. 198 (2009)

Susan E. Meyer, Julie Beckstead, Phil S. Allen, and Duane C. Smith
A seed bank pathogen causes seedborne disease: Pyrenophora semeniperda on undispersed grass seeds in western North America
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 30 (4), 525-533 (2008)

Donna S. Smith, and Solke H. De Boer
Implementation of an artificial reaction control in a TaqMan method for PCR detection of Ralstonia solanacearum race 3 biovar 2
European Journal of Plant Pathology 124 (3), 405-412 (2009)

J.P. Martínez-Soriano, J. Galindo-Alonso, C.J. Maroon, I. Yucel, D.R. Smith, and T.O. Diener
Mexican papita viroid: putative ancestor of crop viroids
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 93 (18), 9397-9401 (1996)

B.W. Oblinger, D.R. Smith, and G.R. Stanosz
An ornamental Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) in Wisconsin is a host of the shoot blight pathogen Diplodia pinea
Plant Disease 93 (8), p.845 (2009)

G. Stanosz, D. Smith, and L. Bernier
First report of Erysiphe palczewskii powdery mildew of Siberian pea tree (Caragana arborescens) in Wisconsin and Quebec
Plant Disease 93 (12), p. 1352 (2009)

Álvaro Figueredo dos Santos, Edilene Buturi Machado, Glen R. Stanosz, and Denise R. Smith
Primeiro relato da ocorrência de Septoria musiva em álamo no Brasil
[First report of Septoria musiva in poplar in Brazil]
Tropical Plant Pathology 35 (1), 52-53 (2010)

Vidyasagar R. Sathuvalli, Shawn A. Mehlenbacher, and David C. Smith
Response of hazelnut accessions to greenhouse inoculation with Anisogramma anomala
HortScience 45 (7), 1116-1119 (2010)

Songsak Roekring, and Duncan R. Smith
Induction of apoptosis in densovirus infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 104 (3), 239-241 (2010)

Suparat Kunkeaw, Jeerapun Worapong, Duncan R. Smith, and Kanokporn Triwitayakorn
An in vitro detached leaf assay for pre-screening resistance to anthracnose disease in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)
Australasian Plant Pathology 39 (6), 547-550 (2010)

Mehdi Maqbool, Asgar Ali, Senthil Ramachandran, Daniel R. Smith, and Peter G. Alderson
Control of postharvest anthracnose of banana using a new edible composite coating
Crop Protection 29 (10), 1136-1141 (2010)

Sheldon Plentovich, Jakob Eijzenga, Heather Eijzenga, and David Smith
Indirect effects of ant eradication efforts on offshore islets in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Biological Invasions 13 (3), 545-557 (2011)

O. Santamaría, D.R. Smith, and G.R. Stanosz
Interaction between Diplodia pinea and D. scrobiculata in red and jack pine seedlings
Phytopathology 101 (3), 323-333 (2011)

G.R. Stanosz, D.R. Smith, J.P. Sullivan, A.M. Mech, K.J.K. Gandhi, M.J. Dalusky, A.E. Mayfield, and S.W. Fraedrich
Shoot blight caused by Sirococcus tsugae on eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) in Georgia
Plant Disease 95 (5), p. 612 (2011)

Glen R. Stanosz, Lori M. Trummer, Jennifer K. Rohrs-Richey, Denise R. Smith, Gerard C. Adams, and James J. Worrall
Response of Alnus tenuifolia to inoculation with Valsa melanodiscus
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 33 (2), 202-209 (2011)

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