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J.P. Wilson, and R.N. Gates
Recurrent selection in pearl millet for tolerance to early planting
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S24 (1996)

H. Tapsoba, and J.P. Wilson
Physiological specialization in Puccinia substriata var. indica in the southeastern United States and screening for resistance in pearl millet germplasm
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S55-S56 (1996)

J. White, K. Horskins, and J. Wilson
The control of rodent damage in Australian macadamia orchards by manipulation of adjacent non-crop habitats
Crop Protection 17 (4), 353-357 (1998)

K. Horskins, J. White, and J. Wilson
Habitat usage of Rattus rattus in Australian macadamia orchard systems: implications for management
Crop Protection 17 (4), 359-364 (1998)

J. White, J. Wilson, and K. Horskins
The role of adjacent habitats in rodent damage levels in Australian macadamia orchard systems
Crop Protection 16 (8), 727-732 (1997)

J.S. Wilson, E.S. Isaac, and R.I. Gara
Impacts of mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) (Col., Scolytidae) infestation on future landscape susceptibility to the western spruce budworm (Choristoneura occidentalis) (Lep., Tortricidae) in north central Washington
Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie 122 (5), 239-245 (1998)

K. Horskins, and J. Wilson
Cost-effectiveness of habitat manipulation as a method of rodent control in Australian macadamia orchards
Crop Protection 18 (6), 379-387 (1999)

J.P. Wilson, and R.N. Gates
Disease resistance and biomass stability of forage pearl millet hybrids with partial rust resistance
Plant Disease 83 (8), 733-738 (1999)

J.A. Wilson, A.G. Clark, and N.A. Haack
Effect of piperonyl butoxide on diazinon resistance in field strains of the sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina (Diptera : Calliphoridae), in New Zealand
Bulletin of Entomological Research 89 (4), 295-301 (1999)

Jeffrey C. Rapp, Joyce A. Wilson, and Lois K. Miller
Nineteen baculovirus open reading frames, including LEF-12, support late gene expression
Journal of Virology 72 (12), 10197-10206 (1998)

José F. Negron, Jill L. Wilson, and John A. Anhold
Stand conditions associated with roundheaded pine beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) infestations in Arizona and Utah
Environmental Entomology 29 (1), 20-27 (2000)

Elena A. Prikhod'ko, Albert Lu, Joyce A. Wilson, and Lois K. Miller
In vivo and in vitro analysis of baculovirus ie-2 mutants
Journal of Virology 73 (3), 2460-2468 (1999)

J.P. Wilson, and W.W. Hanna
Smut resistance and grain yield of pearl millet hybrids near isogenic at the Tr locus
Crop Science 38 (3), 649-651 (1998)

J.P. Wilson, D.E. Hess, and W.W. Hanna
Resistance to Striga hermonthica in wild accessions of the primary gene pool of Pennisetum glaucum
Phytopathology 90 (10), 1169-1172 (2000)

J. P. Wilson, R.N. Gates, and M.S. Panwar
Dynamic multiline population approach to resistance gene management
Phytopathology 91 (3), 255-260 (2001)

J.P. Wilson
Fungi associated with the stalk rot complex of pearl millet
Plant Disease 86 (8), 833-839 (2002)

P. Timper, J.P. Wilson, A.W. Johnson, and W.W. Hanna
Evaluation of pearl millet grain hybrids for resistance to Meloidogyne spp. and leaf blight caused by Pyricularia grisea
Plant Disease 86 (8), 909-914 (2002)

Charles W. McHugh, Thomas E. Kolb, and Jill L. Wilson
Bark beetle attacks on ponderosa pine following fire in Northern Arizona
Environmental Entomology 32 (3), 510-522 (2003)

D. Ward, N. Tucker, and J. Wilson
Cost-effectiveness of revegetating degraded riparian habitats adjacent to macadamia orchards in reducing rodent damage
Crop Protection 22 (7), 935-940 (2003)

J.P. Wilson, C.C. Holbrook, B. Mandal, D.L. Rowland, M.L. Wells, and D.M. Wilson
Efficacy of foliar applications of particle films and genotype for managing thrips, diseases, and aflatoxin in peanut
Plant Health Progress Plant Management Network, Published 19 April 2004, doi:10.1094/PHP-2004-0419-01-RS (2004)

J.P. Wilson, D.E. Hess, W.W. Hanna, K.A. Kumar, and S.C. Gupta
Pennisetum glaucum subsp. monodii accessions with Striga resistance in West Africa
Crop Protection 23 (9), 865-870 (2004)

P. Faulkner, J. Kuzio, G.V. Williams, and J.A. Wilson
Analysis of p74, a PDV envelope protein of Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus required for occlusion body infectivity in vivo
Journal of General Virology 78 (12), 3091-3100 (1997)

J.A. Wilson, J.E. Hill, J. Kuzio, and P. Faulkner
Characterization of the baculovirus Choristoneura fumiferana multicapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus p10 gene indicates that the polypeptide contains a coiled-coil domain
Journal of General Virology 76 (12), 2923-2932 (1995)

E. Riga, and J.H. Wilson
The effect of Vydate and Mocap on Meloidogyne chitwoodi, other plant-parasitic and free-living nematodes on potatoes in Washington State
Journal of Nematology 36 (3), p. 343 (2004)

Z. Jurjevic, D.M. Wilson, J.P. Wilson, D.M. Geiser, J.H. Juba, W. Mubatanhema, N.W. Widstrom, and G.C. Rains
Fusarium species of the Gibberella fujikuroi complex and fumonisin contamination of pearl millet and corn in Georgia, USA
Mycopathologia 159 (3), 401-406 (2005)

Joyce A. Wilson, Scott D. Forney, Alessondra M. Ricci, Emily G. Allen, Kathleen L. Hefferon, and Lois K. Miller
Expression and mutational analysis of Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus HCF-1: Functional requirements for cysteine residues
Journal of Virology 79 (22), 13900-13914 (2005)

J.P. Wilson
Host-specific variation in infection by toxigenic fungi and contamination by mycotoxins in pearl millet and corn
Mycopathologia 161 (2), 101-107 (2006)

P. Timper, and J.P. Wilson
Root-knot nematode resistance in pearl millet from West and East Africa
Plant Disease 90 (3), 339-344 (2006)

William K. Reisen, Ying Fang, Hugh D. Lothrop, Vincent M. Martinez, Jennifer Wilson, Paul O'Connor, Ryan Carney, Barbara Cahoon-Young, Marzieh Shafii, and Aaron C. Brault
Overwintering of West Nile virus in southern California
Journal of Medical Entomology 43 (2), 344-355 (2006)

William K. Reisen, Christopher M. Barker, Ryan Carney, Hugh D. Lothrop, Sarah S. Wheeler, Jennifer L. Wilson, Minoo B. Madon, R. Takahashi, B. Carroll, S. Garcia, Y. Fang, M. Shafii, N. Kahl, S. Ashtari, V. Kramer, C. Glaser, and C. Jean
Role of corvids in epidemiology of West Nile virus in southern California
Journal of Medical Entomology 43 (2), 356-367 (2006)

J.P. Wilson, H.H. Casper, and D.M. Wilson
Effect of delayed harvest on contamination of pearl millet grain with mycotoxin-producing fungi and mycotoxins
Mycopathologia 132 (1), 27-30 (1995)

R.N. Morgan, J.P. Wilson, W.W. Hanna, and P. Ozias-Akins
Molecular markers for rust and pyricularia leaf spot disease resistance in pearl millet
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 96 (3-4), 413-420 (1998)

E.A. Dunlop, J.C. Wilson, and A.P. Mackey
The potential geographic distribution of the invasive weed Senna obtusifolia in Australia
Weed Research 46 (5), 404-413 (2006)

Natasha Lloyd, Joanna M. Wilson, and Robert M.R. Barclay
Behaviors of western spruce budworm moths (Choristoneura occidentalis) as defences against bat predation
Journal of Insect Behavior 19 (4), 533-544 (2006)

E. Riga, and J. Wilson
New nematode management issues and options in Washington State
Journal of Nematology 38 (2), p. 289 (2006)

Joanne A. Wilson, and Murray B. Isman
Influence of essential oils on toxicity and pharmacokinetics of the plant toxin thymol in the larvae of Trichoplusia ni
The Canadian Entomologist 138 (4), 578-589 (2006)

B.S.M. Lebas, F.M. Ochoa-Corona, D.R. Elliott, B. Double, T. Smales, and J.A. Wilson
Control and monitoring: quarantine situation of Plum pox virus in New Zealand
EPPO Bulletin 36 (2), 296-301 (2006)

A.W. Johnson, G.W. Burton, J.P. Wilson, and A.M. Golden
Rotations with coastal bermudagrass and fallow for management of Meloidogyne incognita and soilborne fungi on vegetable crops
Journal of Nematology 27 (4), 457-464 (1995)

H. Tapsoba, and J.P. Wilson
Increasing complexity of resistance in host populations through intermating to manage rust of pearl millet
Phytopathology 89 (6), 450-455 (1999)

H. Tapsoba, and J.P. Wilson
Effects of temperature and light on germination of urediniospores of the pearl millet rust pathogen, Puccinia substriata var. indica
Plant Disease 81 (9), 1049-1052 (1997)

Zeljko Jurjevic, Jeffrey P. Wilson, David M. Wilson, and Howard H. Casper
Changes in fungi and mycotoxins in pearl millet under controlled storage conditions
Mycopathologia 164 (5), 229-239 (2007)

Xinzhi Ni, Jeffrey P. Wilson, John A. Rajewski, G. David Buntin, and Ismail M. Dweikat
Field evaluation of pearl millet for chinch bug (Heteroptera: Blissidae) resistance
Journal of Entomological Science 42 (4), 467-480 (2007)

R. Gitaitis, J. Wilson, R. Walcott, H. Sanders, and W. Hanna
Occurrence of bacterial stripe of pearl millet in Georgia
Plant Disease 86 (3), p. 326 (2002)

R.D. Cousens, S.E. Weaver, T.D. Martin, A.M. Blair, and J. Wilson
Dynamics of competition between wild oats (Avena fatua L.) and winter cereals
Weed Research 31 (4), 203-210 (1991)

J.P. Wilson, D.E. Hess, and K.A. Kumar
Dactuliophora leaf spot of pearl millet in Niger and Mali
Plant Disease 84 (2), p.201 (2000)

Susan Walker, J. Bastow Wilson, and William G. Lee
Does fluctuating resource availability increase invasibility? Evidence from field experiments in New Zealand short tussock grassland
Biological Invasions 7 (2), 195-211 (2005)

O. Rodriguez, J. Gonzalez-Dominguez, J.P. Krausz, G.N. Odvody, J.P. Wilson, W.W. Hanna, and M. Levy
First report and epidemics of buffelgrass blight caused by Pyricularia grisea in South Texas
Plant Disease 83 (4), p. 398 (1999)

J.P. Wilson, and W. Williamson
Natural infection of eggplant by Puccinia substriata var. indica in the United States
Plant Disease 81 (9), p. 1093 (1997)

Donna R. Henderson, Ekaterini Riga, Ricardo A. Ramirez, John Wilson, and William E. Snyder
Mustard biofumigation disrupts biological control by Steinernema spp. nematodes in the soil
Biological Control 48 (3), 316-322 (2009)

S.J. Fuller, J.C. Wilson, and P.B. Mather
Patterns of differentiation among wild rabbit populations Oryctolagus cuniculus L. in arid and semiarid ecosystems of north-eastern Australia
Molecular Ecology 6 (2), 145-153 (1997)

J.C. Wilson, S.J. Fuller, and P.B. Mather
Formation and maintenance of discrete wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) population systems in arid Australia: Habitat heterogeneity and management implications
Austral Ecology 27 (2), 183-191 (2002)

Xinzhi Ni, Jeffrey P. Wilson, and G. David Buntin
Differential responses of forage pearl millet genotypes to chinch bug (Heteroptera: Blissidae) feeding
Journal of Economic Entomology 102 (5), 1960-1969 (2009)

D.E. Stead, N. Parkinson, J. Bew, J. Hennessy, J.K. Wilson, and J.G. Elphinstone
The first record of Dickeya zeae in the UK
Plant Pathology 59 (2), p. 401 (2010)

Jeffrey C. Lord, Charles R. Vossbrinck, and Jeff D. Wilson
Occurrence of Nosema oryzaephili in Cryptolestes ferrugineus and transfer to the genus Paranosema
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 105 (1), 112-115 (2010)

Xinzhi Ni, Kedong Da, G. David Buntin, Ted E. Cottrell, P. Glynn Tillman, Dawn M. Olson, Robert Powell Jr., R. Dewey Lee, Jeffrey P. Wilson, and Brian T. Scully
Impact of brown stink bug (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) feeding on corn grain yield components and quality
Journal of Economic Entomology 103 (6), 2072-2079 (2010)

Xinzhi Ni, Yigen Chen, Bruce E. Hibbard, Jeffrey P. Wilson, W. Paul Williams, G. David Buntin, John R. Ruberson, and Xianchun Li
Foliar resistance to fall armyworm in corn germplasm lines that confer resistance to root- and ear-feeding insects
Florida Entomologist 94 (4), 971-981 (2011)

Xinzhi Ni, Wenwei Xu, Michael H. Blanco, and Jeffrey P. Wilson
Evaluation of corn germplasm lines for multiple ear-colonizing insect and disease resistance
Journal of Economic Entomology 105 (4), 1457-1464 (2012)

Xinzhi Ni, Jeffrey P. Wilson, Michael D. Toews, G. David Buntin, R. Dewey Lee, Xin Li, Zhongren Lei, Kanglai He, Wenwei Xu, Xianchun Li, Alisa Huffaker, and Eric A. Schmelz
Evaluation of spatial and temporal patterns of insect damage and aflatoxin level in the pre-harvest corn fields to improve management tactics
Insect Science 21 (5), 572-583 (2014)

Siti Nursheena Mohd. Zain, Syed Arnez Syed Khalil Amdan, Kamil A. Braima, Noraishah M. Abdul-Aziz, John-James Wilson, Paramesvaran Sithambaran, and John Jeffery
Ectoparasites of murids in peninsular Malaysia and their associated diseases
Parasites and Vectors 8 (254) (2015)

Amanda D. Howland, Patricia A. Skinkis, John H. Wilson, Ekaterini Riga, John N. Pinkerton, R. Paul Schreiner, and Inga A. Zasada
Impact of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) varieties on reproduction of the northern root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne hapla)
Journal of Nematology 47 (2), 141-147 (2015)

J.K. Wilson, and H.A. Woods
Protection via parasitism: Datura odors attract parasitoid flies, which inhibit Manduca larvae from feeding and growing but may not help plants
Oecologia 179 (4), 1159-1171 (2015)

H.B. Doughty, J.M. Wilson, P.B. Schultz, and T.P. Kuhar
Squash bug (Hemiptera: Coreidae): Biology and management in cucurbitaceous crops
Journal of Integrated Pest Management 7 (1 - 1), 1-8 (2016)

Madeline E. Dowling, Meng-Jun Hu, Linus T. Schmitz, Jennifer R. Wilson, and Guido Schnabel
Characterization of Botrytis cinerea isolates from strawberry with reduced sensitivity to polyoxin D zinc salt
Plant Disease 100 (10), 2057-2061 (2016)

J. Keaton Wilson, and H. Arthur Woods
Innate and learned olfactory responses in a wild population of the egg parasitoid Trichogramma (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
Journal of Insect Science 16 (110), 1-8 (2016)

Madeline E. Dowling, Patricia K. Bryson, Harriet G. Boatwright, Jennifer R. Wilson, Zhen Fan, Sydney E. Everhart, Phillip M. Brannen, and Guido Schnabel
Effect of fungicide applications on Monilinia fructicola population diversity and transposon movement
Phytopathology 106 (12), 1504-1512 (2016)

James M. Wilson, and Thomas P. Kuhar
A survey of the species of squash bug (Hemiptera: Coreidae) egg parasitoids in Virginia and their distribution
Journal of Economic Entomology 110 (6), 2727-2730 (2017)

Madeline E. Dowling, William C. Bridges, Brodie M. Cox, Tommy Sroka, Jennifer R. Wilson, and Guido Schnabel
Preservation of Monilinia fructicola genotype diversity within fungal cankers
Plant Disease 103 (3), 526-530 (2019)

Jerome Keaton Wilson, Laura Ruiz, Jesse Duarte, and Goggy Davidowitz
The nutritional landscape of host plants for a specialist insect herbivore
Ecology and Evolution 9 (23), 13104-13113 (2019)

Morgan A. Roth, James M. Wilson, Keith R. Tignor, and Aaron D. Gross
Biology and management of Varroa destructor (Mesostigmata: Varroidae) in Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae) colonies
Journal of Integrated Pest Management 11 (1 - pmz036) (2020)

Aida Syafinaz Mokhtar, Yee Ling Lau, John-James Wilson, and Noraishah Mydin Abdul-Aziz
Genetic diversity of Pediculus humanus capitis (Phthiraptera: Pediculidae) in Peninsular Malaysia and molecular detection of its potential associated pathogens
Journal of Medical Entomology 57 (3), 915-926 (2020)


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