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F. Posada, F.E. Vega, S.A. Rehner, M. Blackwell, D. Weber, S.-O. Suh, and R.A. Humber
Syspastospora parasitica, a mycoparasite of the fungus Beauveria bassiana attacking the Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata: A tritrophic association
Journal of Insect Science 4 (24), 1-3 (2004)

Helen P. Waudby, Sophie Petit, and Delene Weber
Human perception and awareness of ticks in a South Australian rural community and implications for management of Amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum
Experimental and Applied Acarology 45 (1-2), 71-84 (2008)

Jeffrey A. Harvey, Daniela Weber, Patrick De Clercq, and Rieta Gols
A bodyguard or a tastier meal? Dying caterpillar indirectly protects parasitoid cocoons by offering alternate prey to a generalist predator
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 149 (3), 219-228 (2013)

Daniela Weber, Paul A. Egan, Anne Muola, and Johan A. Stenberg
Genetic variation in herbivore resistance within a strawberry crop wild relative (Fragaria vesca L.)
Arthropod-Plant Interactions 14 (1), 31-40 (2020)


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