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Marianne E. Sinka, Michael J. Bangs, Sylvie Manguin, Yasmin Rubio-Palis, Theeraphap Chareonviriyaphap, Maureen Coetzee, C.M. Mbogo, J. Hemingway, A.P. Patil, W.H. Temperley, P.W. Gething, C.W. Kabaria, T.R. Burkot, R.E. Harbach, and S.I. Hay
A global map of dominant malaria vectors
Parasites and Vectors 5 (69) (2012)

Miho Yoshioka, Jannelle Couret, Frances Kim, Joseph McMillan, Thomas R. Burkot, Ellen M. Dotson, Uriel Kitron, and Gonzalo M. Vazquez-Prokopec
Diet and density dependent competition affect larval performance and oviposition site selection in the mosquito species Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)
Parasites and Vectors 5 (225) (2012)

Limb K. Hapairai, Hayley Joseph, Michel A. Cheong Sang, Wayne Melrose, Scott A. Ritchie, Thomas R. Burkot, Steven P. Sinkins, and Hervé C. Bossin
Field evaluation of selected traps and lures for monitoring the filarial and arbovirus vector, Aedes polynesiensis (Diptera: Culicidae), in French Polynesia
Journal of Medical Entomology 50 (4), 731-739 (2013)

Nigel W. Beebe, Tanya Russell, Thomas R. Burkot, and Robert D. Cooper
Anopheles punctulatus group: Evolution, distribution, and control
Annual Review of Entomology 60, 335-350 (2015)

Limb K. Hapairai, Catherine Plichart, Take Naseri, Ualesi Silva, Lameko Tesimale, Paulo Pemita, Hervé C. Bossin, Thomas R. Burkot, Scott A. Ritchie, Patricia M. Graves, Wayne Melrose, and Hayley Joseph
Evaluation of traps and lures for mosquito vectors and xenomonitoring of Wuchereria bancrofti infection in a high prevalence Samoan village
Parasites and Vectors 8 (287) (2015)

Andrew J. Maynard, Luke Ambrose, Robert D. Cooper, Weng K. Chow, Joseph B. Davis, Mutizwa O. Muzari, Andrew F. van den Hurk, Sonja Hall-Mendelin, Jeomhee M. Hasty, Thomas R. Burkot, Michael J. Bangs, Lisa J. Reimer, Charles Butafa, Neil F. Lobo, Din Syafruddin, Yan Naung Maung Maung, Rohani Ahmad, and Nigel W. Beebe
Tiger on the prowl: Invasion history and spatio-temporal genetic structure of the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus (Skuse 1894) in the Indo-Pacific
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11 (4 - e0005546) (2017)

Brandyce St. Laurent, Timothy A. Burton, Siti Zubaidah, Helen C. Miller, Puji B. Asih, Amirullah Baharuddin, Sully Kosasih, Shinta, Saya Firman, William A. Hawley, Thomas R. Burkot, Din Syafruddin, Supratman Sukowati, Frank H. Collins, and Neil F. Lobo
Host attraction and biting behaviour of Anopheles mosquitoes in South Halmahera, Indonesia
BMC Malaria Journal 16 (326) (2017)

Tanya L. Russell, Thomas R. Burkot, Hugo Bugoro, Allan Apairamo, Nigel W. Beebe, Weng K. Chow, Robert D. Cooper, Frank H. Collins, and Neil F. Lobo
Larval habitats of the Anopheles farauti and Anopheles lungae complexes in the Solomon Islands
BMC Malaria Journal 15 (164) (2016)

Tanya L. Russell, Nigel W. Beebe, Hugo Bugoro, Allan Apairamo, Robert D. Cooper, Frank H. Collins, Neil F. Lobo, and Thomas R. Burkot
Determinants of host feeding success by Anopheles farauti
BMC Malaria Journal 15 (152) (2016)

Tanya L. Russell, Nigel W. Beebe, Hugo Bugoro, Allan Apairamo, Frank H. Collins, Robert D. Cooper, Neil F. Lobo, and Thomas R. Burkot
Anopheles farauti is a homogeneous population that blood feeds early and outdoors in the Solomon Islands
BMC Malaria Journal 15 (151) (2016)


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