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Y.J. Park, R.D. Martyn, and M.E. Miller
Hyphal anastomosis transfer of dsRNA in Monosporascus cannonballus and associated phenotypic changes
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S37 (1996)

J.S. Batten, Y.J. Park, K.-B. G. Scholthof, R.D. Martyn, and M.E. Miller
Biocontrol of Monosporascus root rot/vine decline using hypovirulent Monosporascus isolates containing medium-sized (2.7-4.0 kb) dsRNA fragments
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S37 (1996)

R.D. Martyn, J.S. Batten, Y.-J. Park, and M.E. Miller
Monosporascus root rot/vine decline of watermelon in Mexico
Phytopathology 86 (11 suppl.), S115 (1996)

Tae Soo Chon, Young Seuk Park, and M.H. Ross
Temporal pattern of within-harborage time and visiting frequency in two strains of the German cockroach, Blattella germanica, in semi-natural conditions
Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 36 (4), 299-310 (1997)

Y.S. Park, D.W. Lee, M.F.J. Taylor, J.W. Holloway, J.A. Ottea, M.E. Adams, and R. Feyereisen
A mutation Leu1029 to His in Heliothis virescens F-hscp sodium channel gene associated with a nerve-insensitivity mechanism of resistance to pyrethroid insecticides
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 66 (1), 1-8 (2000)

H. Saitoh, Sung Hee Hwang, Y.S. Park, K. Higuchi, E. Mizuki, and M. Ohba
Cloning and characterization of a Bacillus thuringiensis serovar higo gene encoding a novel class of the delta-endotoxin protein, cry27A, specifically active on the Anopheles mosquito
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 23 (1), 25-30 (2000)

Tae-Soo Chon, Young-Seuk Park, Ja-Myung Kim, Buom-Young Lee, Yeong-Jin Chung, and Yooshin Kim
Use of an artificial neural network to predict population dynamics of the forest-pest pine needle gall midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiida)
Environmental Entomology 29 (6), 1208-1215 (2000)

Satoko Yamashita, Tetsuyuki Akao, Eiichi Mizuki, Hiroyuki Saitoh, Kazuhiko Higuchi, Yu Shin Park, Ho-San Kim, and Michio Ohba
Characterization of the anti-cancer-cell parasporal proteins of a Bacillus thuringiensis isolate
Canadian Journal of Microbiology - Revue Canadienne de Microbiologie 46 (10), 913-919 (2000)

Ho San Kim, Hiroyuki Saitoh, Satoko Yamashita, Tetsuyuki Akao, Yu Shin Park, Minoru Maeda, Rie Tanaka, Eiichi Mizuki, and Michio Ohba
Cloning and characterization of two novel crystal protein genes from a Bacillus thuringiensis serovar dakota strain
Current Microbiology 46 (1), 33-38 (2002)

Ashok K. Raina, John M. Bland, Joseph C. Dickens, Yong Ihl Park, and Benedict Hollister
Premating behavior of dealates of the Formosan subterranean termite and evidence for the presence of a contact sex pheromone
Journal of Insect Behavior 16 (2), 233-245 (2003)

Abdul Aziz M.A. Mohamed, David B. Hogg, Yong Chul Park, and Walter G. Goodman
An immunoassay method for detecting Microctonus aethiopoides (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Euphorinae) parasitism in the alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Biocontrol Science and Technology 13 (6), 631-640 (2003)

E. Mizuki, M. Ohba, T. Akao, S. Yamashita, H. Saitoh, and Y.S. Park
Unique activity associated with non-insecticidal Bacillus thuringiensis parasporal inclusions: in vitro cell-killing action on human cancer cells
Journal of Applied Microbiology 86 (3), 477-486 (1999)

E. Mizuki, T. Ichimatsu, S.-H. Hwang, Y.S. Park, H. Saitoh, K. Higuchi, and M. Ohba
Ubiquity of Bacillus thuringiensis on phylloplanes of arboreous and herbaceous plants in Japan
Journal of Applied Microbiology 86 (6), 979-984 (1999)

H.-S. Kim, S. Yamashita, T. Akao, H. Saitoh, K. Higuchi, Y.S. Park, E. Mizuki, and M. Ohba
In vitro cytotoxicity of non-Cyt inclusion proteins of a Bacillus thuringiensis isolate against human cells, including cancer cells
Journal of Applied Microbiology 89 (1), 16-23 (2000)

John M. Bland, Yong Ihl Park, Ashok K. Raina, Joseph C. Dickens, and Benedict Hollister
Trilinolein identified as a sex-specific component of tergal glands in alates of Coptotermes formosanus
Journal of Chemical Ecology 30 (4), 835-849 (2004)

Z.Y. Piao, Y.Q. Deng, S.R. Choi, Y.J. Park, and Y.P. Lim
SCAR and CAPS mapping of CRb, a gene conferring resistance to Plasmodiophora brassicae in Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp. pekinensis)
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 108 (8), 1458-1465 (2004)

Tae-Soo Chon, Young-Seuk Park, Ki Yun Park, Se-Young Choi, Kyong Tai Kim, and Eung Chun Cho
Implementation of computational methods to pattern recognition of movement behavior of Blattella germanica (Blattaria: Blattellidae) treated with Ca2+ signal inducing chemicals
Applied Entomology and Zoology 39 (1), 79-96 (2004)

Martin F.J. Taylor, Yoonseong Park, and Ying Shen
Molecular population genetics of sodium channel and juvenile hormone esterase markers in relation to pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 89 (5), 728-738 (1996)

Youngjin Park, Yonggyun Kim, Hasan Tunaz, and David W. Stanley
An entomopathogenic bacterium, Xenorhabdus nematophila, inhibits hemocytic phospholipase A2 (PLA2) in tobacco hornworms Manduca sexta
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 86 (3), 65-71 (2004)

Y. Park, N. Katzir, Y. Brotman, J. King, F. Bertrand, and M. Havey
Comparative mapping of ZYMV resistances in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) and melon (Cucumis melo L.)
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109 (4), 707-712 (2004)

Ashok K. Raina, Yong Ihl Park, and Alan Lax
Defaunation leads to cannibalism in primary reproductives of the Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes formosanus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 97 (4), 753-756 (2004)

Ashok Raina, Weste Osbrink, and Yong Ihl Park
Nymphs of the Formosan subterranean termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae): Aspects of formation and transformation
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 97 (4), 757-764 (2004)

Michael R. McGuire, Mauricio Ulloa, Young-Hoon Park, and Neal Hudson
Biological and molecular characteristics of Beauveria bassiana isolates from California Lygus hesperus (Hemiptera: Miridae) populations
Biological Control 33 (3), 307-314 (2005)

Yonggyun Kim, Dongjin Ji, Sunghwan Cho, and Youngjin Park
Two groups of entomopathogenic bacteria, Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus, share an inhibitory action against phospholipase A2 to induce host immunodepression
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 89 (3), 258-264 (2005)

Jarrod E. Leland, Michael R. McGuire, Julie A. Grace, Stefan T. Jaronski, Mauricio Ulloa, Young-Hoon Park, and Ronald D. Plattner
Strain selection of a fungal entomopathogen, Beauveria bassiana, for control of plant bugs (Lygus spp.) (Heteroptera: Miridae)
Biological Control 35 (2), 104-114 (2005)

Min Sook Hwang, Sang Hyon Kim, Jeong Hyun Lee, Jung Myung Bae, Kyung Hee Paek, and Young In Park
Evidence for interaction between the 2a polymerase protein and the 3a movement protein of Cucumber mosaic virus
Journal of General Virology 86 (11), 3171-3177 (2005)

Tae-Sung Kwon, Mi-Young Song, Sang-Chul Shin, and Young-Seuk Park
Effects of aerial insecticide sprays on ant communities to control pine wilt disease in Korean pine forests
Applied Entomology and Zoology 40 (4), 563-574 (2005)

Yong-Sung Park, Il-Dong Choi, Chang-Min Kang, Mun-Sik Ham, Ji-Hyun Kim, Tae-Hyoung Kim, Sung-Hwan Yun, Yin-Won Lee, Hyo-Ihl Chang, Ha-Chin Sung, and Cheol-Won Yun
Functional identification of high-affinity iron permeases from Fusarium graminearum
Fungal Genetics and Biology 43 (4), 273-282 (2006)

Yunjung Park, Xiaobang Chen, and Zamir K. Punja
Molecular and biological characterization of a mitovirus in Chalara elegans (Thielaviopsis basicola)
Phytopathology 96 (5), 468-479 (2006)

Youngjin Park, and David Stanley
The entomopathogenic bacterium, Xenorhabdus nematophila, impairs hemocytic immunity by inhibition of eicosanoid biosynthesis in adult crickets, Gryllus firmus
Biological Control 38 (2), 247-253 (2006)

Michael R. McGuire, Jarrod E. Leland, Surendra Dara, Young-Hoon Park, and Mauricio Ulloa
Effect of different isolates of Beauveria bassiana on field populations of Lygus hesperus
Biological Control 38 (3), 390-396 (2006)

N.S. Mutti, Y. Park, J.C. Reese, and G.R. Reeck
RNAi knockdown of a salivary transcript leading to lethality in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum
Journal of Insect Science 6 (38), 1-7 (2006)

Navdeep S. Mutti, Kirk Pappan, Khurshida Begum, Loretta K. Pappan, Liangjiang Wang, Ming-Shun Chen, Yoonseong Park, John C. Reese, and Gerald R. Reeck
Characterization of secreted protein C002 from salivary glands of the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum
Journal of Insect Science 6 (46), p. 43 (2006)

Yunjung Park, Xiaobang Chen, and Zamir K. Punja
Diversity, complexity and transmission of double-stranded RNA elements in Chalara elegans (synanam. Thielaviopsis basicola)
Mycological Research 110 (6), 697-704 (2006)

Bhanu Konakandla, Yoonseong Park, and David Margolies
Whole genome amplification of Chelex-extracted DNA from a single mite: a method for studying genetics of the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis
Experimental and Applied Acarology 40 (3-4), 241-247 (2006)

Yung Chul Park, Jung-Sun Yoo, Michael P. Schwarz, Nicholas Murphy, and Joo-Pil Kim
Molecular Phylogeny of East Asian Wolf Spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae) Inferred from Mitochondrial 12S Ribosomal DNA
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 100 (1), 1-8 (2007)

Ashok Raina, Charles Murphy, Chistopher Florane, Kelley Williams, Yong Ihl Park, and Bruce Ingber
Structure of spermatheca, sperm dynamics, and associated bacteria in Formosan Subterranean termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 100 (3), 418-424 (2007)

J.H. Yoon, N. Weiss, K.C. Lee, I.S. Lee, K.H. Kang, and Y.H. Park
Jeotgalibacillus alimentarius gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel bacterium isolated from jeotgal with L-lysine in the cell wall, and reclassification of Bacillus marinus Ruger 1983 as Marinibacillus marinus gen. nov., comb. nov.
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 51 (6), 2087-2093 (2001)

Y.-L. Park, and J.-H. Lee
Seasonal dynamics of economic injury levels for Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari, Tetranychidae) on Cucumis sativus L.
Journal of Applied Entomology 131 (8), 588-592 (2007)

Young-Jin Park, Eun-Sung Song, Yeong-Tae Kim, Tae-Hwan Noh, Hee-Wan Kang, and Byoung-Moo Lee
Analysis of virulence and growth of a purine auxotrophic mutant of Xanthomonas oryzae pathovar oryzae
FEMS Microbiology Letters 276 (1), 55-59 (2007)

Min Sook Hwang, Kyung Nam Kim, Jeong Hyun Lee, and Young In Park
Identification of amino acid sequences determining interaction between the cucumber mosaic virus-encoded 2a polymerase and 3a movement proteins
Journal of General Virology 88 (12), 3445-3451 (2007)

Young Hoon Park, and Michael. J. Havey
Cucumber germplasm resistant to Cladosporium cucumerinum
HortScience 39 (1), 163-164 (2004)

Min Jung Kim, Byung-Kook Ham, Hwa Ran Kim, In-Ju Lee, Young Jin Kim, Ki Hyun Ryu, Young In Park, and Kyung-Hee Paek
In vitro and in planta interaction evidence between Nicotiana tabacum thaumatin-like protein 1 (TLP1) and Cucumber mosaic virus proteins
Plant Molecular Biology 59 (6), 981-994 (2005)

J.C. Wang, B.H. So, J.H. Kim, Y.J. Park, B.M. Lee, and H.W. Kang
Genome-wide identification of pathogenicity genes in Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae by transposon mutagenesis
Plant Pathology 57 (6), 1136-1145 (2008)

Youngjin Park, Mohd Amir F. Abdullah, Milton D. Taylor, Khalidur Rahman, and Michael J. Adang
Enhancement of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry3Aa and Cry3Bb toxicities to coleopteran larvae by a toxin-binding fragment of an insect cadherin
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75 (10), 3086-3092 (2009)

E-Hyun Shin, Young In Park, Hee Il Lee, Won Ja Lee, Young Hack Shin, and Jae Chul Shim
Insecticide susceptibilities of Anopheles sinensis (Diptera: Culicidae) larvae from Paju-Shi, Korea
Korean Journal of Entomology 33 (1), 33-37 (2003)

Jun Hyuk Lee, and Yong Chul Park
Purification and characterization of acid phosphatase from the egg of the lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera)
Entomological Research 34 (1), 7-11 (2004)

Sae Youll Cho, and Yong Chul Park
Postendocytic provitellin processing in the growing oocyte of the short horned grasshopper, Oxya japonica japonica (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
Entomological Research 34 (1), 13-19 (2004)

Young-Jin Park, Eun-Sung Song, Tae-Hwan Noh, Hyungtae Kim, Kap-Seok Yang, Jang-Ho Hahn, Hee-Wan Kang, and Byoung-Moo Lee
Virulence analysis and gene expression profiling of the pigment-deficient mutant of Xanthomonas oryzae pathovar oryzae
FEMS Microbiology Letters 301 (2), 149-155 (2009)

Youngjin Park, Gang Hua, Mohd Amir F. Abdullah, Khalidur Rahman, and Michael J. Adang
Cadherin fragments from Anopheles gambiae synergize Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4Ba's toxicity against Aedes aegypti larvae
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75 (22), 7280-7282 (2009)

William J. Sames, Terry A. Klein, Heung Chul Kim, Sung Tae Chong, In Yong Lee, Se Hun Gu, Yon Mi Park, Ji Hye Jeong, and Jin-Won Song
Ecology of Hantaan virus at Twin Bridges Training Area, Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea, 2005-2007
Journal of Vector Ecology 34 (2), 225-231 (2009)

J.-W. Chung, and Y.-J. Park
Population structure analysis reveals the maintenance of isolated sub-populations of weedy rice
Weed Research 50 (6), 606-620 (2010)

Ji-Chun Wang, Ulambayar Temuujin, Jong-Gun Kim, Young-Jin Park, Byoung-Moo Lee, Chang-Sun Choi, Laura Ann Silo-Suh, and Hee-Wan Kang
Functional analysis and expressional regulation of wxoE and wxoF in lipopolysaccharide (lps) biosynthesis gene cluster I of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 75 (3), 129-136 (2011)

S.K. Chung, J.Y. Seo, J.H. Lim, H.H. Park, Y.T. Kim, K.H. Song, S.J. Park, S.S. Han, Y.S. Park, and H.J. Park
Barrier property and penetration traces in packaging films against Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) larvae and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) adults
Journal of Stored Products Research 47 (2), 101-105 (2011)

Mala Mukherjee, Jung-Eun Kim, Yong-Soon Park, Michael V. Kolomiets, and Won-Bo Shim
Regulators of G-protein signalling in Fusarium verticillioides mediate differential host-pathogen responses on nonviable versus viable maize kernels
Molecular Plant Pathology 12 (5), 479-491 (2011)

Won Il Choi, Young-Kyu Park, Young-Seuk Park, Mun Il Ryoo, and Hai-Poong Lee
Changes in voltinism in a pine moth Dendrolimus spectabilis (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) population: implications of climate change
Applied Entomology and Zoology 46 (3), 319-325 (2011)

Il-Kwon Kim, Young-Kyu Park, and Sang-Hyun Koh
Chalcidoid wasps parasitizing pupae of fallwebworm, Hyphantria cunea (Drury), in South Korea
Entomological Research 41 (6), p. 278 (2011)

Jianjun Wang, Thomas A. Miller, and Yoonseong Park
Identification of mariner-like elements belonging to the cecropia subfamily in two closely related Helicoverpa species
Insect Science 18 (6), 619-628 (2011)

Terry A. Klein, Hae Ji Kang, Se Hun Gu, Sungsil Moon, So-Hee Shim, Yon Mi Park, Sook-Young Lee, Heung-Chul Kim, Sung-Tae Chong, Monica O'Guinn, John S. Lee, Michael J. Turell, and Jin-Won Song
Hantaan virus surveillance targeting small mammals at Dagmar North Training Area, Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea, 2001-2005
Journal of Vector Ecology 36 (2), 373-381 (2011)

Eun-Sung Song, Byoung-Moo Lee, Chang-Soo Lee, and Young-Jin Park
PCR-based rapid assay for discriminative detection of latent infections of rice bacterial blight
Journal of Phytopathology 160 (4), 195-200 (2012)

Won Il Choi, and Young-Seuk Park
Dispersal patterns of exotic forest pests in South Korea
Insect Science 19 (5), 535-548 (2012)

Young-Uk Park, Hyun-Na Koo, and Gil-Hah Kim
Chemical composition, larvicidal action, and adult repellency of Thymus magnus against Aedes albopictus
Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 28 (3), 192-198 (2012)

Juraj Koci, Ladislav Simo, and Yoonseong Park
Validation of internal reference genes for real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction studies in the tick, Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae)
Journal of Medical Entomology 50 (1), 79-84 (2013)

Yong Seong Lee, Yun Serk Park, Muhammad Anees, Young Cheol Kim, Yong Hwan Kim, and Kil Yong Kim
Nematicidal activity of Lysobacter capsici YS1215 and the role of gelatinolytic proteins against root-knot nematodes
Biocontrol Science and Technology 23 (12), 1427-1441 (2013)

Yong Seong Lee, Muhammad Anees, Yun Serk Park, Sun Bae Kim, Woo Jin Jung, and Kil Yong Kim
Purification and properties of a Meloidogyne-antagonistic chitinase from Lysobacter capsici YS1215
Nematology 16 (1), 63-72 (2014)

Y.J. Choi, K.S. Han, Y.H. Park, and H.D. Shin
First report of white blister rust caused by Albugo candida on wasabi in Korea
Plant Disease 98 (7), p. 1006 (2014)

Sang-Keun Oh, Hyun A. Jang, Jungeun Kim, Doil Choi, Youn-Il Park, and Suk-Yoon Kwon
Expression of cucumber LOX genes in response to powdery mildew and defense-related signal molecules
Canadian Journal of Plant Science 94 (5), 845-850 (2014)

Youngjin Park, Kwangho Kim, and Yonggyun Kim
Rapid cold hardening of Thrips palmi (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)
Environmental Entomology 43 (4), 1076-1083 (2014)

Shawn A. Christensen, Andriy Nemchenko, Yong-Soon Park, Eli Borrego, Pei-Cheng Huang, Eric A. Schmelz, Susan Kunze, Ivo Feussner, Nasser Yalpani, Robert Meeley, and Michael V. Kolomiets
Comparative analysis of antiviral responses in Brachypodium distachyon and Setaria viridis reveals conserved and unique outcomes among C3 and C4 plant defenses
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 27 (11), 1263-1276 (2014)

Hyunjun Ko, Hyuk-Min Kwon, Hyun-Jin Ko, Ji-Hyeon Ryu, Hwi-Seung Song, and Yong Chul Park
Heterologous expression and characterization of endocellulase from the Japanese pine sawyer Monochamus saltuarius (MsGHF5)
Entomological Research 45 (1), 26-30 (2015)

Juraj Koci, Parthasarathy Ramaseshadri, Renata Bolognesi, Gerrit Segers, Ronald Flannagan, and Yoonseong Park
Ultrastructural changes caused by Snf7 RNAi in larval enterocytes of western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte)
PLoS ONE 9 (1 - e83985) (2014)

Geun Cheol Song, Soohyun Lee, Jaehwa Hong, Hye Kyung Choi, Gun Hyong Hong, Dong-Won Bae, Kirankumar S. Mysore, Yong-Soon Park, and Choong-Min Ryu
Aboveground insect infestation attenuates belowground Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation
New Phytologist 207 (1), 148-158 (2015)

Eunseong Kim, Youngjin Park, and Yonggyun Kim
A transformed bacterium expressing double-stranded RNA specific to integrin 1 enhances Bt toxin efficacy against a polyphagous insect pest, Spodoptera exigua
PLoS ONE 10 (7 - e0132631) (2015)

Hwa Jung Lee, Young Ju Park, Kyung Jin Kwak, Donghyun Kim, June Hyun Park, Jae Yun Lim, Chanseok Shin, Kwang-Yeol Yang, and Hunseung Kang
MicroRNA844-guided downregulation of cytidinephosphate diacylglycerol synthase3 (CDS3) mRNA affects the response of Arabidopsis thaliana to bacteria and fungi
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 28 (8),892-900 (2015)

Eunseong Kim, Sujin Jeoung, Youngjin Park, Kunwoo Kim, and Yonggyun Kim
A novel formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis for the control of Brassica leaf beetle, Phaedon brassicae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Journal of Economic Entomology 108 (6), 2556-2565 (2015)

Sara Edwards, Linley K. Jesson, Dan Quiring, Yuhui Weng, Rob Johns, and Yill Sung Park
Genetically-based resistance of balsam fir (Pinaceae) to damage from the balsam twig aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
The Canadian Entomologist 148 (4), 426-433 (2016)

Youngjin Park, Jin Kyo Jung, and Yonggyun Kim
A mixture of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis with Xenorhabdus nematophila-cultured broth enhances toxicity against mosquitoes Aedes albopictus and Culex pipiens pallens (Diptera: Culicidae)
Journal of Economic Entomology 109 (3), 1086-1093 (2016)

B.Y. Seo, J.K. Jung, C.-G. Park, S.-G. Lee, and Y.-L. Park
Plant penetration activities by the flatid planthopper Metcalfa pruinosa (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea): an electrical penetration graph-histology analysis
Journal of Applied Entomology 140 (9), 706-714 (2016)

JeongOh Yang, Youngrong Park, Ik-Hwa Hyun, Gil-Hah Kim, Bong-Su Kim, Byung-Ho Lee, and YongLin Ren
A combination treatment using ethyl formate and phosphine to control Planococcus citri (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) on pineapples
Journal of Economic Entomology 109 (6), 2355-2363 (2016)

Qiang He, Kyu-Won Kim, and Yong-Jin Park
Population genomics identifies the origin and signatures of selection of Korean weedy rice
Plant Biotechnology Journal 15 (3), 357-366 (2017)

Kaliannan Durairaj, Palanivel Velmurugan, Jung-Hee Park, Woo-Suk Chang, Yool-Jin Park, Palaninaicker Senthilkumar, Kyung-Min Choi, Jeong-Ho Lee, and Byung-Taek Oh
Potential for plant biocontrol activity of isolated Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus stratosphericus strains against bacterial pathogens acting through both induced plant resistance and direct antagonism
FEMS Microbiology Letters 364 (23 - fnx225) (2017)

Paola Battilani, Alessandra Lanubile, Valeria Scala, Massimo Reverberi, Rossella Gregori, Claudia Falavigna, Chiara Dall'asta, Yong-Soon Park, John Bennett, Eli J. Borrego, and Michael V. Kolomiets
Oxylipins from both pathogen and host antagonize jasmonic acid-mediated defence via the 9-lipoxygenase pathway in Fusarium verticillioides infection of maize
Molecular Plant Pathology 19 (9), 2162-2176 (2018)

Sung-Jin Yoon, Young-Jun Park, Jun-Seob Kim, Soohyun Lee, Sang-Hyun Lee, Song Choi, Jeong-Ki Min, Inpyo Choi, and Choong-Min Ryu
Pseudomonas syringae evades phagocytosis by animal cells via type III effector-mediated regulation of actin filament plasticity
Environmental Microbiology 20 (11), 3980-3991 (2018)

A.-R. Son, S.-J. Suh, and Y.-M. Park
Notes on insects captured in codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) surveillance traps in South Korea over the last eight years
EPPO Bulletin 48 (3), 578-582 (2018)

Anastasia M.W. Cooper, Kristopher Silver, Jianzhen Zhang, Yoonseong Park, and Kun Yan Zhu
Molecular mechanisms influencing efficiency of RNA interference in insects
Pest Management Science 75 (1), 18-28 (2019)

Hwa Yeun Nam, Yujeong Park, and Joon-Ho Lee
Population genetic structure of Aphis gossypii Glover (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Korea
Insects 10 (10 - 319) (2019)

BongSu Kim, Ja-Eun Song, Jeong Sun Park, YoungJu Park, Eun-Mi Shin, and JeongOh Yang
Insecticidal effects of fumigants (EF, MB, and PH3) towards phosphine-susceptible and -resistant Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Insects 10 (10 - 327) (2019)

Zhaorigetu Hubhachen, Hongbo Jiang, David Schlipalius, Yoonseong Park, Raul N.C. Guedes, Brenda Oppert, George Opit, and Thomas W. Phillips
A CAPS marker for determination of strong phosphine resistance in Tribolium castaneum from Brazil
Journal of Pest Science 93 (1), 127-134 (2020)

Jang-Gyu Choi, Su-Young Hong, Geert J.T. Kessel, David E.L. Cooke, Jack H. Vossen, Ji-Hong Cho, Ju-Seong Im, Young-Eun Park, and Kwang-Soo Cho
Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of Phytophthora infestans in South Korea during 20092016 reveals clonal reproduction and absence of EU_13_A2 genotype
Plant Pathology 69 (5), 932-943 (2020)

Jun-Seob Kim, Sung-Jin Yoon, Young-Jun Park, Seon-Yeong Kim, and Choong-Min Ryu
Crossing the kingdom border: Human diseases caused by plant pathogens
Environmental Microbiology 22 (7), 2485-2495 (2020)

Jiyeon Park, Seungahn Kwon, Girim Park, Siyoung Lee, Byoung Il Je, and Younghoon Park
Host reaction of tomato varieties and applicability of Sm-linked DNA markers to Stemphylium lycopersici
Molecular Breeding 40 (10 - 106) (2020)

Young-gyun Park, and Joon-Ho Lee
UV-LED lights enhance the establishment and biological control efficacy of Nesidiocoris tenuis (Reuter) (Hemiptera: Miridae)
PLoS ONE 16 (1 - e0245165) (2021)

Cheol Min Lee, Dae-Seong Lee, Tae-Sung Kwon, Mohammad Athar, and Young-Seuk Park
Predicting the global distribution of Solenopsis geminata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) under climate change using the MaxEnt model
Insects 12 (3 - 229) (2021)


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