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G. Tamietti
First report of Phytophthora cinnamomi on high-bush blueberry in Italy
Plant Disease 87 (4), p. 451 (2003)

G. Tamietti, and A. Matta
First report of leaf blotch caused by Marssonina coronaria on apple in Italy
Plant Disease 87 (8), p.1005 (2003)

Stefano Ghignone, Giacomo Tamietti, and Mariangela Girlanda
Development of specific PCR primers for identification and detection of Rhizopycnis vagum
European Journal of Plant Pathology 109 (8), 861-870 (2003)

S. Ghignone, C. Mariani, C. Murat, G. Tamietti, and M. Girlanda
Genetic and pathogenic variability of Rhizopycnis vagum D.F. Farr
Journal of Plant Pathology 86 (4), p. 321 (2004)

G. Tamietti, and D. Valentino
Soil solarization: A useful tool for control of Verticillium wilt and weeds in eggplant crops under plastic in the Po Valley
Journal of Plant Pathology 83 (3), 173-180 (2001)

G. Tamietti, and D. Valentino
Physiological characterisation of a population of Phytophthora capsici Leon. from northern Italy
Journal of Plant Pathology 83 (3), 199-205 (2001)

L. Ferraris, P. Roggero, F. Cardinale, D. Valentino, and G. Tamietti
Use of policlonal antibodies in the diagnosis of Phytophthora cinnamomi
Journal of Plant Pathology 84 (3), p.181 (2002)

S. Ghignone, C. Mariani, G. Tamietti, A. Infantino, N. Pucci, C. Montuschi, and M. Girlanda
Identification and characterization of Rhizopycnis vagum isolates of different origin
Journal of Plant Pathology 84 (3), p.182 (2002)

L. Ferraris, D. Valentino, F. Cardinale, and G. Tamietti
Isolation, characterisation and use of bi- and polynucleate Rhizoctonia strains as biocontrol agents
Journal of Plant Pathology 85 (4), p. 298 (2003)

N. Acciarri, G.L. Rotino, G. Tamietti, D. Valentino, S. Voltattorni, and E. Sabatini
Molecular markers for Ve1 and Ve2 Verticillium resistance genes from Italian tomato germplasm
Plant Breeding 126 (6), 617-621 (2007)

L. Rostagno, G. Crivelli, M. Turina, and G. Tamietti
Effect of Cryphonectria parasitica virus 1 infection in Cryphonectria parasitica isolates from Piedmont
Journal of Plant Pathology 89 (3, Suppl.), S58 (2007)

L. Tomassoli, A. Zaccaria, D. Valentino, and G. Tamietti
Preliminary investigation on asparagus diseases in Sicily
Journal of Plant Pathology 89 (3, Suppl.),S63 (2007)

I. Visentin, G. Tamietti, D. Valentino, E. Portis, P. Karlovsky, A. Moretti, and F. Cardinale
The ITS region as a taxonomic discriminator between Fusarium verticillioides and Fusarium proliferatum
Mycological Research 113 (10), 1137-1145 (2009)

I. Visentin, S. Gentile, D. Valentino, P. Gonthier, G. Tamietti, and F. Cardinale
Gnomoniopsis castanea sp. nov. (Gnomoniaceae, Diaporthales) as the causal agent of nut rot in sweet chestnut
Journal of Plant Pathology 94 (2), 411-419 (2012)


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