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Peng Han, Nicolas Desneux, Christine Becker, Romain Larbat, Jacques Le Bot, Stéphane Adamowicz, Jiang Zhang, and Anne-Violette Lavoir
Bottom-up effects of irrigation, fertilization and plant resistance on Tuta absoluta: implications for Integrated Pest Management
Journal of Pest Science 92 (4), 1359-1370 (2019)

Feng-Luan Yao, Shuo Lin, Li-Xin Wang, Wen-Juan Mei, Lucie S. Monticelli, Yu Zheng, Nicolas Desneux, Yu-Xian He, and Qi-Yong Weng
Oviposition preference and adult performance of the whitefly predator Serangium japonicum (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): effect of leaf microstructure associated with ladybeetle attachment ability
Pest Management Science 77 (1), 113-125 (2021)


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