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Claudio M. Ghersa, Elba de la Fuente, Susana Suarez, and Rolando J.C. Leon
Woody species invasion in the Rolling Pampa grasslands, Argentina
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 88 (3), 271-278 (2002)

E.B. de la Fuente et al.
Soybean weed communities: relationships with cultural history and crop yield
Agronomy Journal 91 (2), 234-241 (1999)

Susana A. Suárez, Elba B. de la Fuente, Claudio M. Ghersa, and Rolando J.C. León
Weed community as an indicator of summer crop yield and site quality
Agronomy Journal 93 (3), 524-530 (2001)

Abelardo C. Moncayo, Kriangkrai Lerdthusnee, Renato Leon, Rebecca M. Robich, and William S. Romoser
Meconial peritrophic matrix structure, formation, and meconial degeneration in mosquito pupae/pharate adults: histological and ultrastructural aspects
Journal of Medical Entomology 42 (6), 939-944 (2005)

S. Zapata, L. Mejía, P.F. Le, R. León, B. Pesson, C. Ravel, L. Bichaud, R. Charrel, C. Cruaud, G. Trueba, and J. Depaquit
A study of a population of Nyssomyia trapidoi (Diptera: Psychodidae) caught on the Pacific coast of Ecuador
Parasites and Vectors 5 (144) (2012)

María J. Hernández, Rocío León, Albert J. Fischer, Marlene Gebauer, Rafael Galdames, and Rodrigo Figueroa
Target-site resistance to nicosulfuron in Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) from Chilean corn fields
Weed Science 63 (3), 631-640 (2015)

Leonardo D. Ortega-López, Emilie Pondeville, Alain Kohl, Renato León, Mauro Pazmiño Betancourth, Floriane Almire, Sergio Torres-Valencia, Segundo Saldarriaga, Nosrat Mirzai, and Heather M. Ferguson
The mosquito electrocuting trap as an exposure-free method for measuring human-biting rates by Aedes mosquito vectors
Parasites and Vectors 13 (31) (2020)


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