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Diane L. Larson, and James B. Grace
Temporal dynamics of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) and two species of flea beetles (Aphthona spp.) used as biological control agents
Biological Control 29 (2), 207-214 (2004)

Jarrod E. Leland, Michael R. McGuire, Julie A. Grace, Stefan T. Jaronski, Mauricio Ulloa, Young-Hoon Park, and Ronald D. Plattner
Strain selection of a fungal entomopathogen, Beauveria bassiana, for control of plant bugs (Lygus spp.) (Heteroptera: Miridae)
Biological Control 35 (2), 104-114 (2005)

Diane L. Larson, James B. Grace, Paul A. Rabie, and Paula Andersen
Short-term disruption of a leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) biocontrol program following herbicide application
Biological Control 40 (1), 1-8 (2007)

Diane L. Larson, James B. Grace, and Jennifer L. Larson
Long-term dynamics of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) and its biocontrol agent, flea beetles in the genus Aphthona
Biological Control 47 (2), 250-256 (2008)

K.L.S. Simpson, G.E. Jackson, and J. Grace
The response of aphids to plant water stress - the case of Myzus persicae and Brassica oleracea var. capitata
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 142 (3), 191-202 (2012)

Michael D. Reisner, James B. Grace, David A. Pyke, and Paul S. Doescher
Conditions favouring Bromus tectorum dominance of endangered sagebrush steppe ecosystems
Journal of Applied Ecology 50 (4), 1039-1049 (2013)


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