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M.P. Daugherty, S. O'Neill, F. Byrne, and A. Zeilinger
Is vector control sufficient to limit pathogen spread in vineyards?
Environmental Entomology 44 (3), 789-797 (2015)

Adam Hendy, Meryam Krit, Kenneth Pfarr, Christine Laemmer, Jacobus De Witte, Philippe Nwane, Joseph Kamgno, Hugues C. Nana-Djeunga, Michel Boussinesq, Jean-Claude Dujardin, Rory Post, Robert Colebunders, Sarah O'Neill, Peter Enyong, and Alfred K. Njamnshi
Onchocerca volvulus transmission in the Mbam valley of Cameroon following 16 years of annual community-directed treatment with ivermectin, and the description of a new cytotype of Simulium squamosum
Parasites and Vectors 14 (563) (2021)


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