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Wan Ren Xu, and Xue Wen Zhang
[Investigation of the distribution of Belothrips mori Niwa on mulberry trees and its natural enemies]
Ningxia Journal of Agricultural and Forestry Science and Technology 6, 20-22 (1999)

G.H. Zhong, M.Y. Hu, Q.F. Weng, A.Q. Ma, and W.S. Xu
Laboratory and field evaluations of extracts from Rhododendron molle flowers as insect growth regulator to imported cabbage worm, Pieris rapae L. (Lepidoptera:Pieridae)
Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie 125 (9-10), 563-569 (2001)

Jianxiu Yu, Ruiyu Xie, Le Tan, Wei Xu, Shaoling Zeng, Jianwu Chen, Mujin Tang, and Yi Pang
Expression of the full-length and 3'-spliced cry1Ab gene in the 135-kDa crystal protein minus derivative of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kyushuensis
Current Microbiology 45 (2), 133-138 (2002)

Jianxiu Yu, Wei Xu, Shaoling Zeng, Xinqiang Zhang, Jingyu Liu, Ruiyu Xie, and Yi Pang
Cloning and expression of cyt2Ba7 gene from a soil-isolated Bacillus thuringiensis
Current Microbiology 45 (5), 309-314 (2002)

Wei-Hua Xu, Yong-Jie Wang, Liu-Bin Mang, and Guo-Ping Lin
Molecular cloning of a gene encoding: the protein for pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide in Heliothis assulta
Acta Entomologica Sinica 43 (2), 113-119 (2000)

Y. Shi, W. Xu, M. Yuan, M. Tang, J. Chen, and Y. Pang
Expression of vip1/vip2 genes in Escherichia coli and Bacillus thuringiensis and the analysis of their signal peptides
Journal of Applied Microbiology 97 (4), 757-765 (2004)

J. Chen, F. Sun, Y. Shi, W. Xu, W. Guo, and Y. Pang
Efficient expression of vip184-Delta-P gene under the control of promoters plus Shine-Dalgarno (SD) sequences of cry genes from Bacillus thuringiensis
Journal of Applied Microbiology 99 (2), 426-434 (2005)

Shan-Chun Yan, Jin-Guo Li, Ai-Ting Wen, Hong Cheng, Wei Xu, and Yu-Bao Zhang
[Association between the damage of Xylotrechus rusticus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and the compositions and contents of amino acids in different poplar strains]
Acta Entomologica Sinica 49 (1), 93-99 (2006)

WenYue Xu, Fu Sheng Huang, Hong Xing Hao, Jian Hua Duan, and Zhong Wen Qiu
Two serine proteases from Anopheles dirus haemocytes exhibit changes in transcript abundance after infection of an incompatible rodent malaria parasite, Plasmodium yoelii
Veterinary Parasitology 139 (1-3), 93-101 (2006)

Wei Li, Wei-An Xu, Cheng-Fa Sheng, Hong-Tuo Wang, and Wei-Jian Xuan
Factors affecting sporulation and germination of Pandora nouryi (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraecae), a pathogen of Myzus persicae (Homoptera: Aphididae)
Biocontrol Science and Technology 16 (6), 647-652 (2006)

Dehui Xi, Liqiong Lan, Jianhui Wang, Weilin Xu, Benchun Xiang, and Honghui Lin
Variation analysis of two cucumber mosaic viruses and their associated satellite RNAs from sugar beet in China
Virus Genes 33 (3), 293-298 (2006)

Q. Zhang, W.-H. Xu, R.J. Nachman, and D.L. Denlinger
A new function for diapause hormone as a regulator of Heliothis diapause
Journal of Insect Science 6 (46), p. 72 (2006)

Wei-An Xu, and Hong-Yan Han
A survey of the genera of Microgaster Latreille and Hygroplitis Thomson (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Microgastrinae) from China
Phytoparasitica 35 (1), 86-99 (2007)

D. Xi, H. Feng, L. Lan, J. Du, J. Wang, Z. Zhang, L. Xue, W. Xu, and H. Lin
Characterization of synergy between Cucumber mosaic virus and Tobacco necrosis virus in Nicotiana benthamiana
Journal of Phytopathology 155 (9), 570-573 (2007)

Chenglan Liu, Wenna Xu, Fengmao Liu, and Shuren Jiang
Fumonisins production by Fusarium proliferatum strains isolated from asparagus crown
Mycopathologia 164 (3), 127-134 (2007)

X.-Y. Wang, Z.-Q. Yang, Z.-R. Shen, J. Lu, and W.-B. Xu
Sublethal effects of selected insecticides on fecundity and wing dimorphism of green peach aphid (Hom., Aphididae)
Journal of Applied Entomology 132 (2), 135-142 (2008)

W. Xu, and Z. Han
Cloning and phylogenetic analysis of sid-1-like genes from aphids
Journal of Insect Science 8 (30), 1-6 (2008)

Xi-Shu Gu, Wen-Jun Bu, Wei-Hong Xu, Yi-Chuan Bai, Bai-Ming Liu, and Tong-Xian Liu
Population suppression of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) using yellow sticky traps and Eretmocerus nr. rajasthanicus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on tomato plants in greenhouses
Insect Science 15 (3), 263-270 (2008)

W. Xu, N. Hong, G. Wang, and X. Fan
Population structure and genetic diversity within Peach latent mosaic viroid field isolates from peach showing three symptoms
Journal of Phytopathology 156 (9), 565-572 (2008)

Melvin D. Bolton, James A. Kolmer, Wayne W. Xu, and David F. Garvin
Lr34-mediated leaf rust resistance in wheat: Transcript profiling reveals a high energetic demand supported by transient recruitment of multiple metabolic pathways
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 21 (12), 1515-1527 (2008)

Mu-Jin Tang, Shao-Ling Zeng, Jian-Wu Chen, Yong-Xia Shi, Wei Xu, Mei-Jin Yuan, and Yi Pang
Effects of helper proteins encoded by p19 and orf1-orf2 genes on Cyt1Aa protein expression in acrystalliferous strain of Bacillus thuringiensis
Entomologia Sinica 10 (4), 221-229 (2003)

Wei-An Xu, and Jun-Hua He
Two new species of Microplitis Foerster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from China
Entomologia Sinica 7 (2), 107-112 (2000)

Wei-An Xu, and Jun-Hua He
Two new species of Microgaster Latreille (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from China
Entomologia Sinica 7 (3), 207-212 (2000)

C.C. Wu, N. Hong, Y. Liu, W.X. Xu, and G.P. Wang
First report of Onion yellow dwarf virus in Allium chinense in China
Plant Disease 93 (7), p. 761 (2009)

W.G. Xu, C.X. Li, L. Hu, L. Zhang, J.Z. Zhang, H.B. Dong, and G.S. Wang
Molecular mapping of powdery mildew resistance gene PmHNK in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivar Zhoumai 22
Molecular Breeding 26 (1), 31-38 (2010)

Dong-Yao Hou, Chun-Qi Yan, Hai-Xi Liu, Xi-Zhen Ge, Wei-Jian Xu, and Ping-Fang Tian
Berberine as a natural compound inhibits the development of brown rot fungus Monilinia fructicola
Crop Protection 29 (9), 979-984 (2010)

Xuli Wang, Yunfeng Cui, Feiyu Fan, Yuli Song, Jingping Ren, Qinglin Meng, Weijun Xu, and Linghuo Jiang
Phylogenetic, carbendazim sensitivity and mycotoxin genotype analyses of Fusarium graminearum complex species isolated from wheat Fusarium head blight in China
Journal of Phytopathology 158 (7-8), 576-578 (2010)

J. Shu, G.P. Wang, W.X. Xu, and N. Hong
First report of Citrus exocortis viroid from grapevine in China
Plant Disease 94 (8), p. 1071 (2010)

L.P. Wang, N. Hong, G.P. Wang, W.X. Xu, R. Michelutti, and A.M. Wang
Distribution of apple stem grooving virus and apple chlorotic leaf spot virus in infected in vitro pear shoots
Crop Protection 29 (12), 1447-1451 (2010)

Y. Jiang, J.H. Wang, H. Yang, M.Y. Xu, S. Yuan, W. Sun, W.L. Xu, D.H. Xi, and H.H. Lin
Identification and sequence analysis of Turnip mosaic virus infection on cruciferous crops in southwest of China
Journal of Plant Pathology 92 (1), 241-244 (2010)

Zeqiong Wang, Ni Hong, Yong Liu, Wenxing Xu, and Guoping Wang
Genetic variability and population structure of Grapevine virus A in China based on the analysis of its coat protein gene
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 33 (2), 227-233 (2011)

Jin Miao, Yuqing Wu, Weigang Xu, Lin Hu, Zhenxing Yu, and Qiongfang Xu
The impact of transgenic wheat expressing GNA (snowdrop lectin) on the aphids Sitobion avenae, Schizaphis graminum, and Rhopalosiphum padi
Environmental Entomology 40 (3), 743-748 (2011)

Yansu Song, Ni Hong, Liping Wang, Hongju Hu, Rui Tian, Wenxing Xu, Fang Ding, and Guoping Wang
Molecular and serological diversity in Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus from sand pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) in China
European Journal of Plant Pathology 130 (2), 183-196 (2011)

Weigang Xu, Chunxin Li, Lin Hu, Huiwei Wang, Haibin Dong, Jianzhou Zhang, and Xiangcun Zan
Identification and molecular mapping of PmHNK54: a novel powdery mildew resistance gene in common wheat
Plant Breeding 130 (6), 603-607 (2011)

H.G. Cui, N. Hong, W.X. Xu, J.F. Zhou, and G.P. Wang
First report of Plum bark necrosis stem pitting-associated virus in stone fruit trees in China
Plant Disease 95 (11), p.1483 (2011)

Fuxiu Liu, Lixia Feng, Xiu Chen, Yuchun Han, Weidong Li, Wei Xu, Bo Cai, and Mingguang Lin
Simultaneous detection of four banana viruses by multiplex PCR
Journal of Phytopathology 160 (11-12), 622-627 (2012)

Jian Liu, Weijun Xu, Qiuyu Wang, and Kuijun Zhao
Insect predators in northeast China and their impacts on Aphis glycines
The Canadian Entomologist 144 (6), 745-755 (2012)

Wei Xu, Hui-Jie Zhang, and Alisha Anderson
A sugar gustatory receptor identified from the foregut of cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera
Journal of Chemical Ecology 38 (12), 1513-1520 (2012)

H.N. Li, J.J. Jiang, N. Hong, G.P. Wang, and W.X. Xu
First report of Colletotrichum fructicola causing bitter rot of pear (Pyrus bretschneideri) in China
Plant Disease 97 (7), p.999 (2013)

C.X. Li, L. Hu, W.G. Xu, L. Zhang, H.B. Dong, and H.W. Wang
Differentially expressed wheat genes in response to powdery mildew infection
Annals of Applied Biology 163 (2), 209-217 (2013)

Yihe Yu, Weirong Xu, Jie Wang, Lei Wang, Wenkong Yao, Yazhou Yang, Yan Xu, Fuli Ma, Yangjian Du, and Yuejin Wang
The Chinese wild grapevine (Vitis pseudoreticulata) E3 ubiquitin ligase Erysiphe necator-induced RING finger protein 1 (EIRP1) activates plant defense responses by inducing proteolysis of the VpWRKY11 transcription factor
New Phytologist 200 (3), 834-846 (2013)

Weihui Xu, Yan Meng, and Roger P. Wise
Mla- and Rom1-mediated control of microRNA398 and chloroplast copper/zinc superoxide dismutase regulates cell death in response to the barley powdery mildew fungus
New Phytologist 201 (4), 1396-1412 (2014)

L.X. Zhou, and W.X. Xu
First report of Alternaria alternata causing leaf spots of tea (Camellia sinensis) in China
Plant Disease 98 (5), p.697 (2014)

L.-P. Wang, N. Hong, W.-X. Xu, Y.-F. Wang, G.-N. Chofong, M. Martini, J.-M. Su, and G.-P. Wang
Identification and molecular characterization of 16SrV group phytoplasmas with flowering cherry in China
Forest Pathology 44 (2), 166-168 (2014)

Wenping Xu, Qingchun Huang, Xiwei Wu, Xiaoqin Yu, Xuexiao Wang, and Liming Tao
Property of midgut alpha-amylase from Mythimna separata (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae and its responses to potential inhibitors in vitro
Journal of Insect Science 14 (282), 1-5 (2014)

Weihui Xu, Dan Liu, Fengzhi Wu, and Shouwei Liu
Root exudates of wheat are involved in suppression of Fusarium wilt in watermelon in watermelon-wheat companion cropping
European Journal of Plant Pathology 141 (1), 209-216 (2015)

Qiaoyun Li, Xiaoliang Zhang, Qiang Zeng, Zhigang Zhang, Shuantao Liu, Yuhe Pei, Shufen Wang, Xianxian Liu, Wenling Xu, Weimin Fu, Zhizhong Zhao, and Xiyun Song
Identification and mapping of a novel Turnip mosaic virus resistance gene TuRBCS01 in Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa L.)
Plant Breeding 134 (2), 221-225 (2015)

D.Y. Zou, T.A. Coudron, H.H. Wu, X.S. Gu, W.H. Xu, L.S. Zhang, and H.Y. Chen
Performance and cost comparisons for continuous rearing of Arma chinensis (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Asopinae) on a zoophytogenous artificial diet and a secondary prey
Journal of Economic Entomology 108 (2), 454-461 (2015)

Wei Chen, and Wei-Hua Xu
Expression analysis of GSK-3 in diapause pupal brains in the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera
Insect Science 22 (5), 597-605 (2015)

P.F. Zhang, L.F. Zhai, X.K. Zhang, X.Z. Huang, N. Hong, WenXing Xu, and GuoPing Wang
Characterization of Colletotrichum fructicola, a new causal agent of leaf black spot disease of sandy pear (Pyrus pyrifolia)
European Journal of Plant Pathology 143 (4), 651-662 (2015)

Lin Wei, Chunjing Huang, Hailong Yang, Min Li, Juanjuan Yang, Xue Qiao, Lixian Mu, Fei Xiong, Jing Wu, and Wei Xu
A potent anti-inflammatory peptide from the salivary glands of horsefly
Parasites and Vectors 8 (556) (2015)

Qing Bai, Lifeng Zhai, Xiaoren Chen, Ni Hong, Wenxing Xu, and Guoping Wang
Biological and molecular characterization of five Phomopsis species associated with pear shoot canker in China
Plant Disease 99 (12), 1704-1712 (2015)

Yanhua Song, Fang Wang, Zhiyu Fan, Bo Hu, Xing Liu, Houjun Wei, Jiabin Xue, Weizhong Xu, and Rulong Qiu
Identification of novel rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus B-cell epitopes and their interaction with host histo-blood group antigens
Journal of General Virology 97 (2), 356-365 (2016)

R.S. Jayawardena, X.H. Li, W. Xu, J.Y. Yan, H.L. Li, and K.D. Hyde
First report of Botryosphaeria dothidea causing leaf necrosis of Camellia sinensis in Fujian Province, China
Plant Disease 100 (4), p. 854 (2016)

Lei Xue, Mei-Ying Gu, Wan-Li Xu, Jian-Jun Lu, and Quan-Hong Xue
Antagonistic Streptomyces enhances defense-related responses in cotton for biocontrol of wilt caused by phytotoxin of Verticillium dahliae
Phytoparasitica 44 (2), 225-237 (2016)

Y. He, Y.S. Chen, Z.H. Wang, L.P. Wang, G.P. Wang, N. Hong, and W.X. Xu
First report of Apple stem grooving virus infecting Rosa chinensis in China
Plant Disease 100 (6), p.1252 (2016)

S.-L. Ren, Y.-H. Li, Y.-T. Zhou, W.-M. Xu, A.G.S. Cuthbertson, Y.-J. Guo, and B.-L. Qiu
Effects of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus on the fitness of the vector Diaphorina citri
Journal of Applied Microbiology 121 (6), 1718-1726 (2016)

Deyu Zou, Thomas A. Coudron, Weihong Xu, Xishu Gu, and Huihui Wu
Development of immature tiger-fly Coenosia attenuata (Stein) reared on larvae of the fungus gnat Bradysia impatiens (Johannsen) in coir substrate
Phytoparasitica 45 (1), 75-84 (2017)

Yazhou Zheng, Beatriz Navarro, Guoping Wang, Yanxiang Wang, Zuokun Yang, Wenxing Xu, Chenxi Zhu, Liping Wang, Francesco Di Serio, and Ni Hong
Actinidia chlorotic ringspot-associated virus: a novel emaravirus infecting kiwifruit plants
Molecular Plant Pathology 18 (4), 569-581 (2017)

B.J. Stevenson, L. Cai, C. Faucher, M. Michie, A. Berna, Y. Ren, A. Anderson, S. Chyb, and W. Xu
Walking responses of Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) to its aggregation pheromone and odors of wheat infestations
Journal of Economic Entomology 110 (3), 1351-1358 (2017)

Z.H. Wang, Z.X. Zhao, N. Hong, Dejiang Ni, L. Cai, W.X. Xu, and Y.N. Xiao
Characterization of causal agents of a novel disease inducing brown-black spots on tender tea leaves in China
Plant Disease 101 (10), 1802-1811 (2017)

Can Zhao, Wenrong Xu, Xiaoling Song, Weimin Dai, Lei Dai, Zheng Zhang, and Sheng Qiang
Early flowering and rapid grain filling determine early maturity and escape from harvesting in weedy rice
Pest Management Science 74 (2), 465-476 (2018)

Yunwang Shen, Haiping Wang, Weifan Xu, and Xiaofeng Wu
Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus orf133 and orf134 are involved in the embedding of occlusion-derived viruses into polyhedra
Journal of General Virology 99 (5), 717-729 (2018)

Q.C. Zhang, C.W. Li, W.G. Xu, and D.L. Pei
First report of powdery mildew caused by Neoerysiphe galeopsidis on Stachys japonica in China
Plant Disease 102 (5), p.1027 (2018)

Lin Wei, Yang Yang, Yandong Zhou, Min Li, Hailong Yang, Lixian Mu, Qian Qian, Jing Wu, and Wie Xu
Anti-inflammatory activities of Aedes aegypti cecropins and their protection against murine endotoxin shock
Parasites and Vectors 11 (470) (2018)

Juan Cui, Shi-yu Zhu, Rui Bi, Wei Xu, Yu Gao, and Shu-sen Shi
Effect of temperature on the development, survival, and fecundity of Heliothis viriplaca (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Journal of Economic Entomology 111 (4), 1940-1946 (2018)

D.Y. Zou, T.A. Coudron, L.S. Zhang, X.S. Gu, W.H. Xu, X.L. Liu, and H.H. Wu
Performance of Arma chinensis reared on an artificial diet formulated using transcriptomic methods
Bulletin of Entomological Research 109 (1), 24-33 (2019)

Farhan J.M. Al-Behadili, ineeta Bilgi, Junxi Li, Penghao Wang, Miyuki Taniguchi, Manjree Agarwal, Yonglin Ren, and Wie Xu
Cold response of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) on a lab diet
Insects 10 (2 - 48) (2019)

Wei-fang Xu, Hui-shuang Ren, Ting Ou, Ting Lei, Jun-hong Wei, Chuan-shu Huang, Tian Li, Gary Strobel, Ze-yang Zhou, and Jie Xie
Genomic and functional characterization of the endophytic Bacillus subtilis 7PJ-16 strain, a potential biocontrol agent of mulberry fruit sclerotiniose
Microbial Ecology 77 (3), 651-663 (2019)

L.-H. Zhu, W. Xu, J.-Y. Yang, D.-W. Li, J.-M. Ge, and J.-R. Ye
First report of Septotinia populiperda causing leaf blotch of Salix babylonica in China
Plant Disease 103 (4), p. 768 (2019)

Atta Ur Rehman, Zhuoran Li, Zuokun Yang, Muhammad Waqas, Guoping Wang, Wenxing Xu, Feng Li, and Ni Hong
The coat protein of Citrus yellow vein clearing virus interacts with viral movement proteins and serves as an RNA silencing suppressor
Viruses 11 (4 - 329) (2019)

M. Fu, P.W. Crous, Q. Bai, P.F. Zhang, J. Xiang, Y.S. Guo, F.F. Zhao, M.M. Yang, N. Hong, W.X. Xu, and G.P. Wang
Colletotrichum species associated with anthracnose of Pyrus spp. in China
Persoonia 42, 1-35 (2019)

Y. Li, H.M. Wang, J.P. Chang, L.M. Guo, X.Q. Yang, and W. Xu
A new bacterial bark canker disease of Salix matsudana caused by Lonsdalea populi in China
Plant Disease 103 (9), p. 2467 (2019)

Y. Wang, W. Xu, J. Abe, K.S. Nakahara, and M.R. Hajimorad
Precise exchange of the helper-component proteinase cistron between Soybean mosaic virus and Clover yellow vein virus: Impact on virus viability and host range specificity
Phytopathology 110 (1), 206-214 (2020)

Luke Ambrose, Jeffrey O. Hanson, Cynthia Riginos, Weixin Xu, Sarah Fordyce, Robert D. Cooper, and Nigel W. Beebe
Population genetics of Anopheles koliensis through Papua New Guinea: New cryptic species and landscape topography effects on genetic connectivity
Ecology and Evolution 9 (23), 13375-13388 (2019)

Yanru Hu, Wenzhao Xu, Shishan Hu, Lingdan Lian, Jing Zhu, Liang Shi, Ang Ren, and MingWen Zhao
In Ganoderma lucidum, Glsnf1 regulates cellulose degradation by inhibiting GlCreA during the utilization of cellulose
Environmental Microbiology 22 (1), 107-121 (2020)

Wei Xu, Xuan-Ye Wen, Yang-Yang Hou, Nicolas Desneux, Asad Ali, and Lian-Sheng Zang
Suitability of Chinese oak silkworm eggs for the multigenerational rearing of the parasitoid Trichogramma leucaniae
PLoS ONE 15 (4 - e0231098) (2020)

Farhan J.M. Al-Behadili, Manjree Agarwal, Wei Xu, and Yonglin Ren
Cold responses of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann (Diptera: Tephritidae) in blueberry
Insects 11 (5 - 276) (2020)

Elvira S. De Lange, Diane Laplanche, Huijuan Guo, Wei Xu, Michèle Vlimant, Matthias Erb, Jurriaan Ton, and Ted C.J. Turlings
Spodoptera frugiperda caterpillars suppress herbivore-induced volatile emissions in maize
Journal of Chemical Ecology 46 (3), 344-360 (2020)

Weifan Xu, Xiangshuo Kong, Hang Liu, Haiping Wang, and Xiaofeng Wu
Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus F-like protein Bm14 is a type I integral membrane protein that facilitates ODV attachment to the midgut epithelial cells
Journal of General Virology 101 (3 - 1389) (2020)

Yu Wan, Xin-Yu Wang, Long-Xi He, Wu Xu, and Li-Hua Zhu
First report of Neofusicoccum mangiferae causing shoot blight of Sassafras tzumu in China
Plant Disease 104 (7), p. 2028 (2020)

Can Zhao, Wenrong Xu, Lingchao Meng, Sheng Qiang, Weimin Dai, Zheng Zhang, and Xiaoling Song
Rapid endosperm development promotes early maturity in weedy rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea)
Weed Science 68 (2), 168-178 (2020)

Wanwan He, Wenbo Xu, Kaiyun Fu, Wenchao Guo, and Jiang Zhang
Low mismatch rate between double-stranded RNA and target mRNA does not affect RNA interference efficiency in Colorado potato beetle
Insects 11 (7 - 449) (2020)

Sisi Chen, Yanfeng Zhang, Yiyang Zhao, Weijie Xu, Yue Li, Jianbo Xie, and Deiqiang Zhang
Key genes and genetic interactions of plant-pathogen functional modules in poplar infected by Marssonina brunnea
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 33 (8), 1080-1090 (2020)

Xun Sun, Bisheng Pan, Yun Wang, Wenyu Xu, and Shaoling Zhang
Exogenous calcium improved resistance to Botryosphaeria dothidea by increasing autophagy activity and salicylic acid level in pear
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 33 (9), 1150-1160 (2020)

Kay Anantanawat, Alexie Papanicolaou, Kelly Hill, and Wie Xu
Molecular response of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) to heat
Journal of Economic Entomology 113 (5), 2495-2504 (2020)

Zhengkun Zhang, Yang Lu, Wenjing Xu, Li Sui, Qian Du, Yangzhou Wang, Yu Zhao, and Qiyun Li
Influence of genetic diversity of seventeen Beauveria bassiana isolates from different hosts on virulence by comparative genomics
BMC Genetics 21 (451) (2020)

Farhan J.M. Al-Behadili, Manjree Agarwal, Wei Xu, and Yonglin Ren
Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) eggs and larvae responses to a low-oxygen/high-nitrogen atmosphere
Insects 11 (11 - 802) (2020)

Y.S. Guo, P.W. Crous, Q. Bai, M. Fu, M.M. Yang, X.H. Wang, Y.M. Du, N. Hong, W.X. Xu, and G.P. Wang
High diversity of Diaporthe species associated with pear shoot canker in China
Persoonia 45, 132-162 (2020)


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