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I. Matsiakh, H.T. Dogmus-Lehtijärvi, V. Kramarets, A.G. Aday Kaya, F. Oskay, R. Drenkhan, and Steve Woodward
Dothistroma spp. in Western Ukraine and Georgia
Forest Pathology 48 (2 - e12409) (2018)

Alexandra Puértolas, Eric Boa, Peter J.M. Bonants, and Steve Woodward
Survival of Phytophthora cinnamomi and Fusarium verticillioides in commercial potting substrates for ornamental plants
Journal of Phytopathology 166 (7-8), 484-493 (2018)

Amani Bellahirech, Maria L. Inácio, Steve Woodward, Mohamed L. Ben Jamâa, and Filomena Nóbrega
Ophiostoma tsotsi and Ophiostoma quercus associated with Platypus cylindrus F. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in cork oak stands in Tunisia
Forest Pathology 49 (1 - e12482) (2019)

Ayse Gülden Aday Kaya, Sule Yeltekin, Tugba Dogmus Lehtijarvi, Asko Lehtijarvi, and Steve Woodward
Severity of Diplodia shoot blight (caused by Diplodia sapinea) was greatest on Pinus sylvestris and Pinus nigra in a plantation containing five pine species
Phytopathologia Mediterranea 58 (2), 249-259 (2019)

Funda Oskay, Zeynep Tunali, Asko T. Lehtijärvi, Hatice Tugba Dogmus-Lehtijärvi, Steve Woodward, and Martin Mullett
Distribution and genetic diversity of Dothistroma septosporum in Pinus brutia forests of south-western Turkey
Plant Pathology 69 (8), 1551-1564 (2020)

Funda Oskay, Marili Laas, Martin Mullett, Asko Lehtijärvi, Hatice Tugba Dogmus-Lehtijärvi, Steve Woodward, and Rein Drenkhan
First report of Lecanosticta acicola on pine and non-pine hosts in Turkey
Forest Pathology 50 (6 - e12654) (2020)


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