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D. Durantel, L. Croizier, M.D. Ayres, G. Croizier, R.D. Possee, and M. Lopez-Ferber
The pnk/pnl gene (ORF 86) of Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus is a non-essential, immediate early gene
Journal of General Virology 79 (3), 629-637 (1998)

C.M. Griffiths, A.L. Barnett, M.D. Ayres, J. Windass, L.A. King, and R.D. Possee
In vitro host range of Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus recombinants lacking functional p35, iap1 or iap2
Journal of General Virology 80 (4), 1055-1066 (1999)

J.S. Dukes, J. Pontius, D. Orwig, J.R. Garnas, V.L. Rodgers, N. Brazee, B. Cooke, K.A. Theoharides, E.E. Stange, R. Harrington, J. Ehrenfeld, J. Gurevitch, M. Lerdau, K. Stinson, R. Wick, and M. Ayres
Responses of insect pests, pathogens, and invasive plant species to climate change in the forests of northeastern North America: What can we predict?
Canadian Journal of Forest Research - Revue Canadienne de Recherche Forestière 39 (2), 231-248 (2009)

David Gramaje, Matthew R. Ayres, Florent P. Trouillas, and Mark R. Sosnowski
Efficacy of fungicides on mycelial growth of diatrypaceous fungi associated with grapevine trunk disease
Australasian Plant Pathology 41 (3), 295-300 (2012)

Jeffrey R. Garnas, David R. Houston, Matthew P. Ayres, and Celia Evans
Disease ontogeny overshadows effects of climate and species interactions on population dynamics in a nonnative forest disease complex
Ecography 35 (5), 412-421 (2012)

Georgina Elena, Mark R. Sosnowski, Matthew R. Ayres, Pascal Lecomte, Celine Benetreau, Francesc Garcia-Figueres, and Jordi Luque
Effect of the inoculum dose of three grapevine trunk pathogens on the infection of artificially inoculated pruning wounds
Phytopathologia Mediterranea 54 (2), 345-354 (2015)

C.S. Pimentel, P.N. Firmino, T. Calvão, M.P. Ayres, I. Miranda, and H. Pereira
Pinewood nematode population growth in relation to pine phloem chemical composition
Plant Pathology 66 (5), 856-864 (2017)

Ricardo Feliciano dos Santos, Marcel Bellato Spósito, Matthew Ronald Ayres, and Mark Roman Sosnowski
Phylogeny, morphology and pathogenicity of ElsinoŽ ampelina, the causal agent of grapevine anthracnose in Brazil and Australia
Journal of Phytopathology 166 (3), 187-198 (2018)

Ricardo Feliciano dos Santos, Marcel Bellato Spósito, Matthew Ayres, and Mark Sosnowski
In vitro production of conidia of ElsinoŽ ampelina, the causal fungus of grapevine anthracnose
European Journal of Plant Pathology 152 (3), 815-821 (2018)

Carla S. Pimentel, Jessica McKenney, Paulo N. Firmino, Teresa Calvão, and Mathew P. Ayres
Sublethal infection of different pine species by the pinewood nematode
Plant Pathology 69 (8), 1565-1573 (2020)


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