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A. Dalcero, C. Magnoli, M. Luna, G. Ancasi, M.M. Reynoso, S. Chiacchiera, R. Miazzo, and G. Palacio
Mycoflora and naturally occurring mycotoxins in poultry feeds in Argentina
Mycopathologia 141 (1), 37-43 (1998)

Martha P. Romero Luna, Daren Mueller, Alemu Mengistu, Asheesh K. Singh, Glen L. Hartman, and Kiersten A. Wise
Advancing our understanding of charcoal rot in soybeans
Journal of Integrated Pest Management 8 (1 - 8) (2017)

Martha P. Romero Luna, M. Catherine Aime, Martin I. Chilvers, and Kiersten A. Wise
Genetic diversity of Stenocarpella maydis in the major corn production areas of the United States
Plant Disease 101 (12), 2020-2026 (2017)

Ana Clara López, Adriana Elizabet Alvarenga, Pedro Dario Zapata, Maria Flavia Luna, and Laura Lidia Villalba
Trichoderma spp. from Misiones, Argentina: effective fungi to promote plant growth of the regional crop Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil
Mycology 10 (4), 210-221 (2019)


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