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S.N. Covey, N.S. Alkaff, D. McCallum, D.S. Turner, R.J. Noad, M. Kreike, P. Dale, R. Pinder, A . Page, J. Milner, and E. Cecchini
Programmatic features of plant pararetroviral pathogenesis
International Congress of Plant Pathology 7th meeting, section 1.11 (1998)

Simon N. Covey, Don G. McCallum, David S. Turner, Nadia S. Al-Kaff, Philip Dale, Edi Cecchini, and Joel J. Milner
Pararetrovirus-crucifer interactions: attack and defence or modus vivendi?
Molecular Plant Pathology 1 (1), 77-86 (2000)

P.A.C. Sparrow, T.M. Townsend, A.E. Arthur, P.J. Dale, and J.A. Irwi
Genetic analysis of Agrobacterium tumefaciens susceptibility in Brassica oleracea
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 108 (4), 644-650 (2004)


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