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K.A. Jacobs, and L.C. Berg
The tree growth regulator paclobutrazol inhibits growth of fungal pathogens
International Congress of Plant Pathology 7th meeting, section 3.7 (1998)

J.F. Webber, K. Jacobs, and M.J. Wingfield
A re-examination of the vascular wilt pathogen of takamaka (Calophyllum inophyllum)
Mycological Research 103 (12), 1588-1592 (1999)

Karel A. Jacobs, and Lisa C. Berg
Inhibition of fungal pathogens of woody plants by the plant growth regulator paclobutrazol
Pest Management Science 56 (5), 407-412 (2000)

M.R. Pooler, K.A. Jacobs, and M. Kramer
Differential resistance to Botryosphaeria ribis among Cercis taxa
Plant Disease 86 (8), 880-882 (2002)

K.A. Jacobs, I.-M. Lee, H.M. Griffiths, F.D. Miller Jr., and K.D. Bottner
A new member of the clover proliferation phytoplasma group (16SrVI) associated with elm yellows in Illinois
Plant Disease 87 (3), 241-246 (2003)

Adriaana Jacobs, Martin P.A. Coetzee, Brenda D. Wingfield, Karin Jacobs, and Michael J. Wingfield
Phylogenetic relationships among Phialocephala species and other ascomycetes
Mycologia 95 (4), 637-645 (2003)

K. Jacobs, Kim Holtzman, and Keith A. Seifert
Morphology, phylogeny and biology of Gliocephalis hyalina, a biotrophic contact mycoparasite of Fusarium species
Mycologia 97 (1), 111-120 (2005)

K.A. Jacobs, and G.R. Johnson
Ornamental cherry tolerance of flooding and Phytophthora root rot
HortScience 31 (6), 988-991 (1996)


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