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Christelle A.M. Robert, Nathalie Veyrat, Gaétan Glauser, Guillaume Marti, Gwladys R. Doyen, Neil Villard, Mickaël D.P. Gaillard, Tobias G. Köllner, David Giron, Mélanie Body, Benjamin A. Babst, Richard A. Ferrieri, Ted C.J. Turlings et al.
A specialist root herbivore exploits defensive metabolites to locate nutritious tissues
Ecology Letters 15 (1), 55-64 (2012)

Christelle A.M. Robert, Matthias Erb, Marianne Duployer, Claudia Zwahlen, Gwladys R. Doyen, and Ted C.J. Turlings
Herbivore-induced plant volatiles mediate host selection by a root herbivore
New Phytologist 194 (4), 1061-1069 (2012)

Matthias Erb, Gaetan Glauser, and Christelle A.M. Robert
Induced immunity against belowground insect herbivores- activation of defenses in the absence of a jasmonate burst
Journal of Chemical Ecology 38 (6), 629-640 (2012)

Christelle A.M. Robert, Daniel L. Frank, Kristen A. Leach, Ted C.J. Turlings, Bruce E. Hibbard, and Matthias Erb
Direct and indirect plant defenses are not suppressed by endosymbionts of a specialist root herbivore
Journal of Chemical Ecology 39 (4), 507-515 (2013)

Ricardo A.R. Machado, Abigail P. Ferrieri, Christelle A.M. Robert, Gaétan Glauser, Mario Kallenbach, Ian T. Baldwin, and Matthias Erb
Leaf-herbivore attack reduces carbon reserves and regrowth from the roots via jasmonate and auxin signaling
New Phytologist 200 (4), 1234-1246 (2013)

Rocco Amorós-Jiménez, Christelle A.M. Robert, M. Ángeles Marcos-García, Alberto Fereres, and Ted C.J. Turlings
A differential role of volatiles from conspecific and heterospecific competitors in the selection of oviposition sites by the aphidophagous hoverfly Sphaerophoria rueppellii
Journal of Chemical Ecology 41 (5), 493-500 (2015)

Christelle A.M. Robert, Stefanie Schirmer, Julie Barry, B. Wade French, Bruce E. Hibbard, and Jonathan Gershenzon
Belowground herbivore tolerance involves delayed overcompensatory root regrowth in maize
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 157 (1), 113-120 (2015)

Sarah Temmam, Sonia Monteil-Bouchard, Catherine Robert, Jean-Pierre Baudoin, Masse Sambou, Maxence Aubadie-Ladrix, Noémie Labas, Didier Raoult, Oleg Mediannikov, and Christelle Desnues
Characterization of viral communities of biting midges and identification of novel Thogotovirus species and Rhabdovirus genus
Viruses 8 (3 - 77) (2016)

Jing Lu, Christelle A.M. Robert, Yonggen Lou, and Matthias Erb
A conserved pattern in plant-mediated interactions between herbivores
Ecology and Evolution 6 (4), 1032-1040 (2016)

Anouk Guyer, Bruce E. Hibbard, Annelie Holzkämper, Matthias Erb, and Christelle A.M. Robert
Influence of drought on plant performance through changes in belowground tritrophic interactions
Ecology and Evolution 8 (13), 6756-6765 (2018)

Ping Yang, Coraline Praz, Beibei Li, Jyoti Singla, Christelle A.M. Robert, Bettina Kessel, Daniela Scheuermann, Linda Lüthi, Milena Ouzunova, Matthias Erb, Simon G. Krattinger, and Beat Keller
Fungal resistance mediated by maize wall-associated kinase ZmWAK-RLK1 correlates with reduced benzoxazinoid content
New Phytologist 221 (2), 976-987 (2019)

Christelle A.M. Robert, Loïc Pellissier, Xoaquín Moreira, Emmanuel Defossez, Marc Pfander, Anouk Guyer, Nicole M. van Dam, and Sergio Rasmann
Correlated induction of phytohormones and glucosinolates shapes insect herbivore resistance of cardamine species along elevational gradients
Journal of Chemical Ecology 45 (7), 638-648 (2019)

Xi Zhang, Cong van Doan, Carla C.M. Arce, Lingfei Hu, Sandra Gruenig, Christian Parisod, Bruce E. Hibbard, Maxime R. Hervé, Chad Nielson, Christelle A.M. Robert, Ricardo A.R. Machado, and Matthias Erb
Plant defense resistance in natural enemies of a specialist insect herbivore
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (46), 23174-23181 (2019)

Wei Huang, Zoe Bont, Maxime R. Hervé, Christelle A.M. Robert, and Matthias Erb
Impact of seasonal and temperature-dependent variation in root defense metabolites on herbivore preference in Taraxacum officinale
Journal of Chemical Ecology 46 (1), 63-75 (2020)


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