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Adam Dale, and John W. Potter
Strawberry cultivars vary in their resistance to northern lesion nematode
Journal of Nematology 30 (4S), 577-580 (1998)

Adam Dale, Becky R. Hughes, and Danielle Donnelly
The role of micropropagation in producing specific pathogen-tested plants
HortScience 43 (1), 74-77 (2008)

Adam Dale, Dragan Galic, and Rebecca H. Hallett
Fragaria virginiana resists tarnished plant bug
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 126 (3), 203-210 (2008)

John W. Potter, and Adam Dale
Wild and cultivated strawberries can tolerate or resist root-lesion nematode
HortScience 29 (9), 1074-1077 (1994)

K.E. Hummer, and A. Dale
Horticulture of Ribes
Forest Pathology 40 (3-4), 251-263 (2010)

Kelli Hoover, Adnan Uzunovic, Brad Gething, Angela Dale, Karen Leung, Nancy Ostiguy, and John J. Janowiak
Lethal temperature for pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, in infested wood using microwave energy
Journal of Nematology 42 (2), 101-110 (2010)

Adam G. Dale, and Steven D. Frank
Warming and drought combine to increase pest insect fitness on urban trees
PLoS ONE 12 (3 - e0173844) (2017)

Jonathan L. Larson, Adam Dale, David Held, Benjamin McGraw, Douglas S. Richmond, Kyle Wickings, and R. Chris Williamson
Optimizing pest management practices to conserve pollinators in turf landscapes: Current practices and future research needs
Journal of Integrated Pest Management 8 (1 - 18) (2017)

Adam G. Dale, and Matthew A. Borden
Evaluation of reduced-risk insecticides to control chilli thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and conserve natural enemies on ornamental plants
Florida Entomologist 101 (2), 237-243 (2018)

Ethan M. Doherty, Robert L. Meagher, and Adam G. Dale
Turfgrass cultivar diversity provides associational resistance in the absence of pest resistant cultivars
Environmental Entomology 48 (3), 623-632 (2019)

Barukh B. Rohde, Pablo E. Allen, Nicole Benda, Abe Brun, Richard W. Mankin, and Adam G. Dale
An acoustic trap to survey and capture two Neoscapteriscus species
Florida Entomologist 102 (3), 654-657 (2019)

Pablo E. Allen, Larissa Laforest, Sonia I. Diyaljee, Hailee M. Smith, Dieu X. Tran, Alex M. Winsor, and Adam G. Dale
Long-term changes in mole cricket body size associated with enemy-free space and a novel range
Biological Invasions 22 (2), 773-782 (2020)

Matthew A. Borden, and Adam G. Dale
Native and edible ornamental plant congeners enhance ecosystem services through key pest avoidance and multifunctionality in residential landscapes
Environmental Entomology 49 (5), 1206-1213 (2020)

Michael G. Just, Adam G. Dale, and Steven D. Frank
Gloomy scale (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) ecology and management on landscape trees
Journal of Integrated Pest Management 11 (1 -pmaa028) (2020)

Arnaud Capron, Nicolas Feau, Renate Heinzelmann, Irene Barnes, Andy Benowicz, Rosie E. Bradshaw, Angela Dale, Kathy J. Lewis, Timothy J. Owen, Richard Reich, Tod D. Ramsfield, Alex J. Woods, and Richard C. Hamelin
Signatures of post-glacial genetic isolation and human-driven migration in the Dothistroma needle blight pathogen in Western Canada
Phytopathology 111 (1), 116-127 (2021)


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