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Kimberly J. Reever Morghan, Elizabeth A. Leger, and Kevin J. Rice
Clopyralid effects on yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) and nontarget species
Weed Science 51 (4), 596-600 (2003)

Harald Meimberg, John I. Hammond, Chad M. Jorgensen, Timothy W. Park, John D. Gerlach, Kevin J. Rice, and John K. McKay
Molecular evidence for an extreme genetic bottleneck during introduction of an invading grass to California
Biological Invasions 8 (6), 1355-1366 (2006)

Elizabeth A. Leger, and Kevin J. Rice
Invasive California poppies (Eschscholzia californica Cham.) grow larger than native individuals under reduced competition
Ecology Letters 6 (3), 257-264 (2003)

Cynthia S. Brown, and Kevin J. Rice
Effects of belowground resource use comlementarity on invasion of constructed grassland plant communities
Biological Invasions 12 (5), 1319-1334 (2010)

Andrew R. Dyer, Cynthia S. Brown, Erin K. Espeland, John K. McKay, Harald Meimberg, and Kevin J. Rice
The role of adaptive trans-generational plasticity in biological invasions of plants
Evolutionary Applications 3 (2), 179-192 (2010)

Harald Meimberg, Neil F. Milan, Maria Karatassiou, Erin K. Espeland, John K. McKay, and Kevin J. Rice
Patterns of introduction and adaptation during the invasion of Aegilops triuncialis (Poaceae) into Californian serpentine soils
Molecular Ecology 19 (23), 5308-5319 (2010)

Ramona A. Robison, Guy B. Kyser, Kevin J. Rice, and Joseph M. DiTomaso
Light intensity is a limiting factor to the inland expansion of Cape ivy (Delairea odorata)
Biological Invasions 13 (1), 35-44 (2011)

Kevin J. Rice, John D. Gerlach Jr., Andrew R. Dyer, and John K. McKay
Evolutionary ecology along invasion fronts of the annual grass Aegilops triuncialis
Biological Invasions 15 (11), 2531-2545 (2013)

Wayne K. Greene, Marion G. Macnish, Kim L. Rice, and R.C. Andrew Thompson
Identification of genes associated with blood feeding in the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis
Parasites and Vectors 8 (368) (2015)

David E. Jennings, Jian J. Duan, Dick Bean, Kimberly A. Rice, Gaye L. Williams, Steven K. Bell, Aaron S. Shurtleff, and Paula M. Shrewsbury
Effects of the emerald ash borer invasion on the community composition of arthropods associated with ash tree boles in Maryland, U.S.A.
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 19 (2), 122-129 (2017)


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