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P. Ahlquist, J. Díez, M. Ishikawa, M. Janda, B.D. Price, M. Restrepo-Hartwig et al.
Virus and host functions in bromovirus RNA replication and gene expression
Phytoparasitica 25 (1), p.60 (1997)

Mark G. Wright, and Joselito M. Diez
Coconut scale Aspidiotus destructor (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) seasonal occurrence, dispersion and sampling on banana in Hawaii
International Journal of Tropical Insect Science 25 (2), 80-85 (2005)

V. Pallás, J.A. Sánchez-Navarro, and J. Díez
In vitro evidence for RNA binding properties of the coat protein of prunus necrotic ringspot ilarvirus and their comparison to related and unrelated viruses
Archives of Virology 144 (4), 797-803 (1999)

J. Díez, J.F. Marcos, and V. Pallás
Characterization and in vitro translation analysis of pelargonium flower break virus
Archives of Virology 144 (8), 1627-1637 (1999)

Jeffrey M. Diez, Hannah L. Buckley, Bradley S. Case, Melanie A. Harsch, Amber R. Sciligo, Steven R. Wangen, and Richard P. Duncan
Interacting effects of management and environmental variability at multiple scales on invasive species distributions
Journal of Applied Ecology 46 (6), 1210-1218 (2009)

Mark G. Wright, and Joselito M. Diez
Egg parasitism by Trissolcus basalis (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) in architecturally varied habitats, and observations on parasitism in macadamia nut orchards and other habitats following augmentative release
Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society 43, 23-31 (2011)

Cascade J.B. Sorte, Ines Ibáñez, Dana M. Blumenthal, Nicole A. Molinari, Luke P. Miller, Edwin D. Grosholz, Jeffrey M. Diez, Carla M. D'Antonio, Julian D. Olden, Sierra J. Jones, and Jeffrey S. Dukes
Poised to prosper? A cross-system comparison of climate change effects on native and non-native species performance
Ecology Letters 16 (2), 261-270 (2013)


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