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Amy Iannella, David Peacock, Phillip Cassey, and Nina Schwensow
Genetic perspectives on the historical introduction of the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) to Australia
Biological Invasions 21 (2), 603-614 (2019)

Louise K. Barnett, Thomas A.A. Prowse, David E. Peacock, Gregory J. Mutze, Ron G. Sinclair, John Kovaliski, Brian D. Cooke, and Corey J.A. Bradshaw
Previous exposure to myxoma virus reduces survival of European rabbits during outbreaks of rabbit haemorrhagic disease
Journal of Applied Ecology 55 (6), 2954-2962 (2018)

Nina Schwensow, Camila J. Mazzoni, Elena Marmesat, Joerns Fickel, David Peacock, John Kovaliski, Ron Sinclair, Phillip Cassey, Brian Cooke, and Simone Sommer
High adaptive variability and virus-driven selection on major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes in invasive wild rabbits in Australia
Biological Invasions 19 (4), 1255-1271 (2017)

Nina I. Schwensow, Harald Detering, Stephen Pederson, Camila Mazzoni, Ron Sinclair, David Peacock, John Kovaliski, Brian Cooke, Jörns Fickel, and Simone Sommer
Resistance to RHD virus in wild Australian rabbits: Comparison of susceptible and resistant individuals using a genomewide approach
Molecular Ecology 26 (17), 4551-4561 (2017)

John Kovaliski, Ron Sinclair, Greg Mutze, David Peacock, Tanja Strive, Joana Abrantes, Pedro J. Esteves, and Edward C. Holmes
Molecular epidemiology of Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus in Australia: when one became many
Molecular Ecology 23 (2), 408-420 (2014)

G.J. Mutze, R.G. Sinclair, D.E. Peacock, L. Capucci, and J. Kovaliski
Is increased juvenile infection the key to recovery of wild rabbit populations from the impact of rabbit haemorrhagic disease?
European Journal of Wildlife Research 60 (3), 489-499 (2014)

Nina I. Schwensow, Brian Cooke, John Kovaliski, Ron Sinclair, David Peacock, Joerns Fickel, and Simone Sommer
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease: virus persistence and adaptation in Australia
Evolutionary Applications 7 (9), 1056-1067 (2014)

David Peacock, Gresley A. Wakelin-King, and Ben Shepherd
Cane toads (Rhinella marina) in south-western Queensland: invasion front, spread and how Cooper Creek geomorphology could enable invasion into north-eastern South Australia
Australian Journal of Zoology 62 (5), 366-373 (2014)

G. Mutze, P. Bird, S. Jennings, D. Peacock, N. de Preu, J. Kovaliski, B. Cooke, and L. Capucci
Recovery of South Australian rabbit populations from the impact of rabbit haemorrhagic disease
Wildlife Research 41 (7), 552-559 (2014)

David Peacock, and Ian Abbott
The role of quoll (Dasyurus) predation in the outcome of pre-1900 introductions of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) to the mainland and islands of Australia
Australian Journal of Zoology 61 (3), 206-280 (2013)

Peter Bird, Greg Mutze, David Peacock, and Scott Jennings
Damage caused by low-density exotic herbivore populations: the impact of introduced European rabbits on marsupial herbivores and Allocasuarina and Bursaria seedling survival in Australian coastal shrubland
Biological Invasions 14 (3), 743-755 (2012)

David Peacock, Greg Mutze, Ron Sinclair, John Kovaliski, and Brian Cooke
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease: Applying Occam's Razor to competing hypotheses
Molecular Ecology 21 (5), 1038-1041 (2012)

David Peacock, and Ian Abbott
The mongoose in Australia: failed introduction of a biological control agent
Australian Journal of Zoology 58 (4), 205-227 (2010)

Greg Mutze, Ron Sinclair, David Peacock, John Kovaliski, and Lorenzo Capucci
Does a benign calicivirus reduce the effectiveness of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) in Australia? Experimental evidence from field releases of RHDV on bait
Wildlife Research 37 (4), 311-319 (2010)

Gregory Mutze, Peter Bird, John Kovaliski, David Peacock, Scott Jennings, and Brian Cooke
Emerging epidemiological patterns in rabbit haemorrhagic disease, its interaction with myxomatosis, and their effects on rabbit populations in South Australia
Wildlife Research 29 (6), 577-590 (2002)

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