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Milos Sevarika, Maria Cristina Foti, Ezio Peri, Stefano Colazza, and Eric Wajnberg
Genetic variation in the behavioural mechanisms involved in the response of the egg parasitoid Trissolcus brochymenae to contact chemical cues left by the pest Murgantia histrionica
Ecological Entomology 46 (1), 100-105 (2021)

Ezio Peri, Maria Cristina Foti, Letizia Martorana, Antonino Cusumano, and Stefano Colazza
The invasive stink bug Halyomorpha halys affects the reproductive success and the experience-mediated behavioural responses of the egg parasitoid Trissolcus basalis
BioControl 66 (3), 329-342 (2021)

Judith M. Stahl, Dirk Babendreier, Maria Cristina Foti, Stefano Colazza, and Tim Haye
Intrinsic competition between two European egg parasitoids of the brown marmorated stink bug
Journal of Applied Entomology 144 (8), 669-677 (2020)

Maria Cristina Foti, Ezio Peri, Eric Wajnberg, Stefano Colazza, and Michael Rostás
Contrasting olfactory responses of two egg parasitoids to buckwheat floral scent are reflected in field parasitism rates
Journal of Pest Science 92 (2), 747-756 (2019)

Maria Cristina Foti, Michael Rostás, Ezio Peri, Kye Chung Park, Takoua Slimani, Stephen David Wratten, and Stefano Colazza
Chemical ecology meets conservation biological control: identifying plant volatiles as predictors of floral resource suitability for an egg parasitoid of stink bugs
Journal of Pest Science 90 (1), 299-310 (2017)

Letizia Martorana, Maria Cristina Foti, Gabriele Rondoni, Eric Conti, Stefano Colazza, and Ezio Peri
An invasive insect herbivore disrupts plant volatile-mediated tritrophic signalling
Journal of Pest Science 90 (4), 1079-1085 (2017)

Gabriele Rondoni, Valeria Bertoldi, Robert Malek, Maria Cristina Foti, Ezio Peri, Lara Maistrello, Tim Haye, and Eric Conti
Native egg parasitoids recorded from the invasive Halyomorpha halys successfully exploit volatiles emitted by the plant–herbivore complex
Journal of Pest Science 90 (4), 1087-1095 (2017)

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