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L.S. Tajebe, S.B. Boni, D. Guastella, V. Cavalieri, O.S. Lund, C.P. Rugumamu, C. Rapisarda, and J.P. Legg
Abundance, diversity and geographic distribution of cassava mosaic disease pandemic-associated Bemisia tabaci in Tanzania
Journal of Applied Entomology 139 (8), 627-637 (2015)

Devid Guastella, Hermence Lulah, Lensa S. Tajebe, Vincenzo Cavalieri, Gregory A. Evans, Paolo A. Pedata, Carmelo Rapisarda, and James P. Legg
Survey on whiteflies and their parasitoids in cassava mosaic pandemic areas of Tanzania using morphological and molecular techniques
Pest Management Science 71 (3), 383-394 (2015)

L.S. Tajebe, D. Guastella, V. Cavalieri, S.E. Kelly, M.S. Hunter, O.S. Lund, J.P. Legg, and C. Rapisarda
Diversity of symbiotic bacteria associated with Bemisia tabaci (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in cassava mosaic disease pandemic areas of Tanzania
Annals of Applied Biology 166 (2), 297-310 (2015)

James P. Legg, Rudolph Shirima, Lensa S. Tajebe, Devid Guastella, Simon Boniface, Simon Jeremiah, Elibariki Nsami, Patrick Chikoti, and Carmelo Rapisarda
Biology and management of Bemisia whitefly vectors of cassava virus pandemics in Africa
Pest Management Science 70 (10), 1446-1453 (2014)

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