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Claire Kanja, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
Proteinaceous effector discovery and characterization in filamentous plant pathogens
Molecular Plant Pathology 21 (10), 1353-1376 (2020)

Ana Karla Machado, Neil A. Brown, Martin Urban, Kostya Kanyuka, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
RNAi as an emerging approach to control Fusarium head blight disease and mycotoxin contamination in cereals
Pest Management Science 74 (4), 790-799 (2018)

Melania Figueroa, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Peter S. Solomon
A review of wheat diseases—a field perspective
Molecular Plant Pathology 19 (6), 1523-1536 (2018)

Johanna Acevedo-Garcia, David Spencer, Hannah Thieron, Anja Reinstädler, Kim Hammond-Kosack, Andrew L. Phillips, and Ralph Panstruga
mlo-based powdery mildew resistance in hexaploid bread wheat generated by a non-transgenic TILLING approach
Plant Biotechnology Journal 15 (3), 367-378 (2017)

Neil A. Brown, Jess Evans, Andrew Mead, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
A spatial temporal analysis of the Fusarium graminearum transcriptome during symptomless and symptomatic wheat infection
Molecular Plant Pathology 18 (9), 1295-1312 (2017)

Jack Lee, Beatriz Orosa, Linda Millyard, Martin Edwards, Kostya Kanyuka, Angharad Gatehouse, Jason Rudd, Kim Hammond-Kosack, Naomi Pain, and Ari Sadanandom
Functional analysis of a Wheat Homeodomain protein, TaR1, reveals that host chromatin remodelling influences the dynamics of the switch to necrotrophic growth in the phytopathogenic fungus Zymoseptoria tritici
New Phytologist 206 (2), 598-605 (2015)

Wing-Sham Lee, B. Jean Devonshire, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Jason J. Rudd, and Kostya Kanyuka
Deregulation of plant cell death through disruption of chloroplast functionality affects asexual sporulation of Zymoseptoria tritici on wheat
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 28 (5), 590-604 (2015)

T.H. Mauchline, D. Chedom-Fotso, G. Chandra, T. Samuels, N. Greenaway, A. Backhaus, V. McMillan, G. Canning, S.J. Powers, K.E. Hammond-Kosack, P.R. Hirsch, I.M. Clark, Z. Mehrabi, J. Roworth, J. Burnell, and J.G. Malone
An analysis of Pseudomonas genomic diversity in take-all infected wheat fields reveals the lasting impact of wheat cultivars on the soil microbiota
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11), 4764-4778 (2015)

Wing-Sham Lee, Jason J. Rudd, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Kostya Kanyuka
Mycosphaerella graminicola LysM effector-mediated stealth pathogenesis subverts recognition through both CERK1 and CEBiP homologues in wheat
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 27 (3), 236-243 (2014)

Helen C. Brewer, Nathaniel D. Hawkins, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
Mutations in the Arabidopsis homoserine kinase gene DMR1 confer enhanced resistance to Fusarium culmorum and F. graminearum
BMC Plant Biology 14 (317) (2014)

Vanessa E. McMillan, Richard J. Gutteridge, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
Identifying variation in resistance to the take-all fungus, Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici, between different ancestral and modern wheat species
BMC Plant Biology 14 (212) (2014)

Hans J. Cools, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
Exploitation of genomics in fungicide research: current status and future perspectives
Molecular Plant Pathology 14 (2), 197-210 (2013)

Jieru Fan, Martin Urban, Josie E. Parker, Helen C. Brewer, Steven L. Kelly, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Bart A. Fraaije, Xili Liu, and Hans J. Cools
Characterization of the sterol 14á-demethylases of Fusarium graminearum identifies a novel genus-specific CYP51 function
New Phytologist 198 (3), 821-835 (2013)

Matias Pasquali, Francesca Spanu, Barbara Scherm, Virgilio Balmas, Lucien Hoffmann, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Marco Beyer, and Quirico Migheli
FcStuA from Fusarium culmorum controls wheat foot and root rot in a toxin dispensable manner
PLoS ONE 8 (2 - e57429) (2013)

Jawad Merhej, Martin Urban, Marie Dufresne, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Florence Richard-Forget, and Christian Barreau
The velvet gene, FgVe1, affects fungal development and positively regulates trichothecene biosynthesis and pathogenicity in Fusarium graminearum
Molecular Plant Pathology 13 (4), 363-374 (2012)

Ralph Dean, Jan A.L. Van Kan, Zacharias A. Pretorius, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Antonio Di Pietro, Pietro D. Spanu, Jason J. Rudd, Marty Dickman, Regine Kahmann, Jeff Ellis, and Gary D. Foster
The Top 10 fungal pathogens in molecular plant pathology
Molecular Plant Pathology 13 (4), 414-430 (2012)

Neil A. Brown, John Antoniw, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
The predicted secretome of the plant pathogenic fungus Fusarium graminearum: A refined comparative analysis
PLoS ONE 7 (4 - e33731) (2012)

M. Urban, J. Motteram, H.-C. Jing, S. Powers, J. Townsend, J. Devonshire, I. Pearman, K. Kanyuka, J. Franklin, and K.E. Hammond-Kosack
Inactivation of plant infecting fungal and viral pathogens to achieve biological containment in drainage water using UV treatment
Journal of Applied Microbiology 110 (3), 675-687 (2011)

V.E. McMillan, K.E. Hammond-Kosack, and R.J. Gutteridge
Evidence that wheat cultivars differ in their ability to build up inoculum of the take-all fungus, Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici, under a first wheat crop
Plant Pathology 60 (2), 200-206 (2011)

Juliet Motteram, Alison Lovegrove, Elizabeth Pirie, Justin Marsh, Jean Devonshire, Allison van de Meene, Kim Hammond-Kosack, and Jason J. Rudd
Aberrant protein N-glycosylation impacts upon infection-related growth transitions of the haploid plant-pathogenic fungus Mycosphaerella graminicola
Molecular Microbiology 81 (2), 415-433 (2011)

Bernhard J. Hofinger, Joanne R. Russell, Chris G. Bass, Thomas Baldwin, Mario dos Reis, Peter E. Hedley, Yidan Li, Malcolm Macaulay, Robbie Waugh, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Kostya Kanyuka
An exceptionally high nucleotide and haplotype diversity and a signature of positive selection for the eIF4E resistance gene in barley are revealed by allele mining and phylogenetic analyses of natural populations
Molecular Ecology 20 (17), 3653-3668 (2011)

Jason J. Rudd, John Antoniw, Rosalind Marshall, Juliet Motteram, Bart Fraaije, and Kim Hammond-Kosack
Identification and characterisation of Mycosphaerella graminicola secreted or surface-associated proteins with variable intragenic coding repeats
Fungal Genetics and Biology 47 (1), 19-32 (2010)

Thomas K. Baldwin, Martin Urban, Neil Brown, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
A role for topoisomerase I in Fusarium graminearum and F. culmorum pathogenesis and sporulation
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23 (5), 566-577 (2010)

Neil A. Brown, Martin Urban, Allison M.L. van de Meene, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
The infection biology of Fusarium graminearum: Defining the pathways of spikelet to spikelet colonisation in wheat ears
Fungal Biology 114 (7), 555-571 (2010)

Thomas K. Baldwin, Iffa Gaffoor, John Antoniw, Corrie Andries, John Guenther, Martin Urban, Heather E. Hallen-Adams, John Pitkin, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Frances Trail
A partial chromosomal deletion caused by random plasmid integration resulted in a reduced virulence phenotype in Fusarium graminearum
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23 (8), 1083-1096 (2010)

Rohan G.T. Lowe, J. William Allwood, Aimee M. Galster, Martin Urban, Arsalan Daudi, Gail Canning, Jane L. Ward, Michael H. Beale, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
A combined 1H nuclear magnetic resonance and electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry analysis to understand the basal metabolism of plant-pathogenic Fusarium spp.
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23 (12), 1605-1618 (2010)

Alayne Cuzick, Kerry Maguire, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
Lack of the plant signalling component SGT1b enhances disease resistance to Fusarium culmorum in Arabidopsis buds and flowers
New Phytologist 181 (4), 901-912 (2009)

Rebecca Lyons, Nazli D. Kutluk Yilmaz, Stephen Powers, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Kostya Kanyuka
Characterization of two unusual features of resistance to Soilborne cereal mosaic virus in hexaploid wheat: leakiness and gradual elimination of viral coat protein from infected root tissues
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 22 (5), 560-574 (2009)

Juliet Motteram, Isabell Küfner, Siân Deller, Frédéric Brunner, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Thorsten Nürnberger, and Jason J. Rudd
Molecular characterization and functional analysis of MgNLP, the sole NPP1 domain-containing protein, from the fungal wheat leaf pathogen Mycosphaerella graminicola
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 22 (7), 790-799 (2009)

Alayne Cuzick, Martin Urban, and Kim Hammond-Kosack
Fusarium graminearum gene deletion mutants map1 and tri5 reveal similarities and differences in the pathogenicity requirements to cause disease on Arabidopsis and wheat floral tissue
New Phytologist 177 (4), 990-1000 (2008)

Hai-Chun Jing, Darren Lovell, Richard Gutteridge, Daniel Jenk, Dmitry Kornyukhin, Olga P. Mitrofanova, Gert H.J. Kema, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
Phenotypic and genetic analysis of the Triticum monococcum - Mycosphaerella graminicola interaction
New Phytologist 179 (4), 1121-1132 (2008)

Rebecca Lyons, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Kostya Kanyuka
Identification and characterization of a novel efficient resistance response to the furoviruses SBWMV and SBCMV in barley
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 21 (9), 1193-1204 (2008)

Alayne Cuzick, Sarah Lee, Salvador Gezan, and Kim E. Hammond-Kosack
NPR1 and EDS11 contribute to host resistance against Fusarium culmorum in Arabidopsis buds and flowers
Molecular Plant Pathology 9 (5), 697-704 (2008)

John Keon, John Antoniw, Raffaella Carzaniga, Siân Deller, Jane L. Ward, John M. Baker, Michael H. Beale, Kim Hammond-Kosack, and Jason J. Rudd
Transcriptional adaptation of Mycosphaerella graminicola to programmed cell death (PCD) of its susceptible wheat host
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 20 (2), 178-193 (2007)

Claire L. Barker, Brett K. Baillie, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Jonathan D.G. Jones, and David A. Jones
Dominant-negative interference with defence signalling by truncation mutations of the tomato Cf-9 disease resistance gene
The Plant Journal 46 (3), 385-399 (2006)

John Keon, John Antoniw, Jason Rudd, Wendy Skinner, John Hargreaves, and Kim Hammond-Kosack
Analysis of expressed sequence tags from the wheat leaf blotch pathogen Mycosphaerella graminicola (anamorph Septoria tritici)
Fungal Genetics and Biology 42 (5), 376-389 (2005)

John Keon, Jason James Rudd, John Antoniw, Wendy Skinner, John Hargreaves, and Kim Hammond-Kosack
Metabolic and stress adaptation by Mycosphaerella graminicola during sporulation in its host revealed through microarray transcription profiling
Molecular Plant Pathology 6 (5), 527-540 (2005)

K. Kanyuka, D.J. Lovell, O.P. Mitrofanova, K. Hammond-Kosack, and M.J. Adams
A controlled environment test for resistance to Soil-borne cereal mosaic virus (SBCMV) and its use to determine the mode of inheritance of resistance in wheat cv. Cadenza and for screening Triticum monococcum genotypes for sources of SBCMV resistance
Plant Pathology 53 (2), 154-160 (2004)

Martin Urban, Ellie Mott, Tom Farley, and Kim Hammond-Kosack
The Fusarium graminearum MAP1 gene is essential for pathogenicity and development of perithecia
Molecular Plant Pathology 4 (5), 347-359 (2003)

S.N. Panter, K.E. Hammond-Kosack, K. Harrison, J.D.G. Jones, and D.A. Jones
Developmental control of promoter activity is not responsible for mature onset of Cf-9B-mediated resistance to leaf mold in tomato
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 15 (11), 1099-1107 (2002)

Martin Urban, Steve Daniels, Ellie Mott, and Kim Hammond-Kosack
Arabidopsis is susceptible to the cereal ear blight fungal pathogens Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium culmorum
The Plant Journal 32 (6), 961-973 (2002)

Colwyn M. Thomas, Saijun Tang, Kim Hammond-Kosack, and Jonathan D.G. Jones
Comparison of the hypersensitive response induced by the tomato Cf-4 and Cf-9 genes in Nicotiana spp.
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 13 (4), 465-469 (2000)

Tina Romeis, Saijun Tang, Kim Hammond-Kosack, Pedro Piedras, Mike Blatt, and Jonathan D.G. Jones
Early signalling events in the Avr9/Cf-9-dependent plant defence response
Molecular Plant Pathology 1 (1), 3-8 (2000)

Penny A. Brading, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Adrian Parr, and Jonathan D.G. Jones
Salicylic acid is not required for Cf-2- and Cf-9-dependent resistance of tomato to Cladosporium fulvum
The Plant Journal 23 (3), 305-318 (2000)

T. Romeis, P. Piedras, K.E. Hammond-Kosack, M. Smoker, H. Hirt, and J.D.G. Jones
Avr9 and Cf-9-dependent activation of a map kinase: a link between the wounding and pathogen defence response?
International Congress of Plant Pathology 7th meeting, section 1.1 (1998)

J. Jones, C.M. Thomas, J. Parker, K. Hammond-Kosack, M. Coleman, E. Van Der Biezen, W. Durrant, T. Romeis, and P. Piedras
Plant disease resistance genes: structure, function and evolution
International Congress of Plant Pathology 7th meeting, section 1.1 (1998)

W. Durrant, P. Piedras, K. Hammond-Kosack, and J. Jones
Early gene expression during the incompatible interaction between tomato and Cladosporium fulvum
International Congress of Plant Pathology 7th meeting, section 1.2 (1998)

K.E. Hammond-Kosack, M.A. Torres, and J.D.G. Jones
Can we use race-specific R genes to provide broad-spectrum pathogen control?
International Congress of Plant Pathology 7th meeting, section 5.4 (1998)

Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Jonathan D.G. Jones
Plant disease resistance genes: unravelling how they work
Canadian Journal of Botany - Revue Canadienne de Botanique 73 (S1), S495-S505 (1995)

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