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Elizabeth J. Cieniewicz, Wenping Qiu, Pasquale Saldarelli, and Marc Fuchs
Believing is seeing: lessons from emerging viruses in grapevine
Journal of Plant Pathology 102 (3), 601-601 (2020)

Wenping Qiu, Sylvia M. Petersen, and Susanne Howard
North American grape ‘Norton’ is resistant to Grapevine vein clearing virus
Plant Disease 104 (8), 2051-2053 (2020)

Sylvia M. Petersen, Cory Keith, Kaylie Austin, Susanne Howard, Li Su, and Wenping Qiu
A natural reservoir and transmission vector of Grapevine vein clearing virus
Plant Disease 103 (3), 571-577 (2019)

Steven Beach, Michael Kovens, LeAnn Hubbert, Shae Honesty, Qiang Guo, Daniel Pap, Ru Dai, Laszlo Kovacs, and Wenping Qiu
Genetic and phenotypic characterization of Grapevine vein clearing virus from wild Vitis rupestris
Phytopathology 107 (1), 138-144 (2017)

Qiang Guo, Shae Honesty, Mei Long Xu, Yu Zhang, James Schoelz, and Wenping Qiu
Genetic diversity and tissue and host specificity of Grapevine vein clearing virus
Phytopathology 104 (5), 539-547 (2014)

Fei Gao, Ru Dai, Sharon M. Pike, Wenping Qiu, and Walter Gassmann
Functions of EDS1-like and PAD4 genes in grapevine defenses against powdery mildew
Plant Molecular Biology 86 (4-5), 381-393 (2014)

Yu Zhang, Kashmir Singh, Ravneet Kaur, and Wenping Qiu
Association of a novel DNA virus with the grapevine vein-clearing and vine decline syndrome
Phytopathology 101 (9), 1081-1090 (2011)

Shaista Lunden, Baozhong Meng, John Avery Jr., and Wenping Qiu
Association of Grapevine fanleaf virus, Tomato ringspot virus and Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus with a grapevine vein-clearing complex on var. Chardonnay
European Journal of Plant Pathology 126 (2), 135-144 (2010)

John Cawly, Anthony B. Cole, Lóránt Király, Wenping Qiu, and James E. Schoelz
The plant gene CCD1 selectively blocks cell death during the hypersensitive response to cauliflower mosaic virus infection
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 18 (3), 212-219 (2005)

Xueyan Zhong, Hesheng Hou, and Wenping Qiu
Integrity of nonviral fragments in recombinant Tomato bushy stunt virus and defective interfering RNA is influenced by silencing and the type of inserts
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 18 (8), 800-807 (2005)

Wenping Qiu, and Karen-Beth G. Scholthof
Satellite panicum mosaic virus capsid protein elicits symptoms on a nonhost plant and interferes with a suppressor of virus-induced gene silencing
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 17 (3), 263-271 (2004)

Wenping Qiu, Jong-Won Park, and Herman B. Scholthof
Tombusvirus P19-mediated suppression of virus-induced gene silencing is controlled by genetic and dosage features that influence pathogenicity
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 15 (3), 269-280 (2002)

Wenping Qiu, and Karen-Beth G. Scholthof
Genetic identification of multiple biological roles associated with the capsid protein of satellite Panicum mosaic virus
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 14 (1), 21-30 (2001)

K. Hoffmann, W.P. Qiu, and J.W. Moyer
Overcoming host- and pathogen-mediated resistance in tomato and tobacco maps to the M RNA of Tomato spotted wilt virus
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 14 (2), 242-249 (2001)

Wenping Qiu, Jong-Won Park, Andrew O. Jackson, and Herman B. Scholthof
Retention of a small replicase gene segment in Tomato bushy stunt virus defective RNAs inhibits their helper-mediated trans-accumulation
Virology 281 (1), 51-60 (2001)

Wenping Qiu, and Herman B. Scholthof
Effects of inactivation of the coat protein and movement genes of Tomato bushy stunt virus on early accumulation of genomic and subgenomic RNAs
Journal of General Virology 82 (12), 3107-3114 (2001)

W.P. Qiu, and J.W. Moyer
Tomato spotted wilt tospovirus adapts to the TSWV N gene-derived resistance by genome reassortment
Phytopathology 89 (7), 575-582 (1999)

J.W. Moyer, K. Hoffmann, and W.P. Qiu
Genomic reassortment of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus as a mechanism of resistance breaking: Involvement and analysis of the intergenic region
International Congress of Plant Pathology 7th meeting, section 1.11 (1998)

W.P. Qiu, and J.W. Moyer
Directed adaptation of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus (TSWV) by reassortment on resistant plants
Phytoparasitica 25 (1), p. 75 (1997)

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