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pest = East African cassava mosaic virus
country = Congo-Democratic Republic

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Dual infection by cassava begomoviruses in two leguminous species (Fabaceae) in Yangambi, Northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Archives of Virology (2010) 155 (11), 1865-1869
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Variations and taxonomic status of begomoviruses causing severe epidemics of cassava mosaic disease in Kenya, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo
Journal of General Plant Pathology (2004) 70 (4), 243-248
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Occurrence of the Uganda variant of East African cassava mosaic virus (EACMV-Ug) in western Democratic Republic of Congo and the Congo Republic defines the westernmost extent of the CMD pandemic in East/Central Africa
Plant Pathology (2002) 51 (3), p. 385
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