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A global review of the woody invasive alien species Mimosa pigra (giant sensitive plant): Its biology and management implications
Plants (2022) 11 (18 - 2366)
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Rediscovery of the rust Diabole cubensis, released as a classical biological control agent against the invasive weed Mimosa pigra in Australia
Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2012) 7 (1), 171-175
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Establishment, distribution and abundance of Mimosa pigra biological control agents in northern Australia: implications for biological control
BioControl (2007) 52 (5), 703-720
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Evaluating the impact of a biological control agent Carmenta mimosa on the woody wetland weed Mimosa pigra in Australia
Journal of Applied Ecology (2005) 42 (6), 1054-1062
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Salinity mitigation versus weed risks - can conflicts of interest in introducing new plants be resolved?
Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture (2004) 44 (12), 1141-1156
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Rapid preliminary characterisation of host specificity of leaf-beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Biocontrol Science and Technology (2004) 14 (5), 499-511
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Modelling integrated weed management of an invasive shrub in tropical Australia
Journal of Applied Ecology (2004) 41 (3), 547-560
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Integrating herbicide and mechanical control treatments with fire and biological control to manage an invasive wetland shrub, Mimosa pigra
Journal of Applied Ecology (2004) 41 (4), 615-629
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Seasonal abundance of insect biocontrol agents of Mimosa pigra in the Northern Territory
Australian Journal of Entomology (2000) 39 (4), 328-335
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Close to the edge: microhabitat selection by Neurostrota gunniella (Busck) (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), a biological control agent for Mimosa pigra L. in Australia
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society (1995) 34 (3), 177-180
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Host specificity and aspects of the biology of Coelocephalapion aculeatum (Coleoptera: Apionidae), a potential biological control agent of Mimosa pigra (Mimosaceae)
Environmental Entomology (1994) 23 (1), 147-153
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The Australian distribution of Mictis profana (F.) (Hemiptera: Coreidae) and its life cycle on Mimosa pigra L.
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society (1994) 33 (2), 111-114
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Establishment of Acanthoscelides quadridentatus (Schaeffer) and A. puniceus Johnson (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on Mimosa pigra in northern Australia
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society (1991) 30 (4), 279-280
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The phytophagous insect fauna of the introduced shrub Mimosa pigra in northern Australia and its relevance to biological control
Environmental Entomology (1990) 19 (3), 776-784
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