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pest = Rhynchosporium commune
country = Norway

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The population genetics of adaptation through copy number variation in a fungal plant pathogen
Molecular Ecology (2023) 32 (10), 2443-2460
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Yield increases due to fungicide control of leaf blotch diseases in wheat and barley as a basis for IPM decision-making in the Nordic-Baltic region
European Journal of Plant Pathology (2020) 158 (2), 315-333
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The influence of genetic drift and selection on quantitative traits in a plant pathogenic fungus
PLoS ONE (2014) 9 (11 - e112523)
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Local adaptation and evolutionary potential along a temperature gradient in the fungal pathogen Rhynchosporium commune
Evolutionary Applications (2013) 6 (3), 524-534
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Phylogeographical analyses reveal global migration patterns of the barley scald pathogen Rhynchosporium secalis
Molecular Ecology (2009) 18 (2), 279-293
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Characterization of resistance genes against scald (Rhynchosporium secalis (Oudem.) J.J. Davis) in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) lines from central Norway, by means of genetic markers and pathotype tests
Euphytica (2002) 123 (1), 31-39
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Resistance to scald (Rhynchosporium secalis) in barley (Hordeum vulgare) studied by near-isogenic lines: I. markers and differential isolates
Phytopathology (2002) 92 (7), 710-720
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The genetic structure of field populations of Rhynchosporium secalis from three continents suggests moderate gene flow and regular recombination
Phytopathology (2000) 90 (8), 901-908
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Disease control approaches against barley leaf blotch in central Norway
International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) 7th meeting, section 2.8
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Pathogenicity of Rhynchosporium secalis isolates from Norway on 30 cultivars of barley
Plant Pathology (1997) 46 (3), 416-424
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Leaf blotch severity on spring barley infected by isolates of Rhynchosporium secalis under different temperature and humidity regimes
Plant Pathology (1997) 46 (6), 939-945
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