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Wind dispersal of seeds of Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae) contributes to its steady invasion and spread
Austral Ecology (2022) 47 (4), 791-803
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Genome-guided analysis of seven weed species reveals conserved sequence and structural features of key gene targets for herbicide development
Frontiers in Plant Science (2022) 2022 (13 - 909073)
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A superweed in the making: adaptations of Parthenium hysterophorus to a changing climate. A review
Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2021) 41 (4 - 47)
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Lag times and invasion dynamics of established and emerging weeds: insights from herbarium records of Queensland, Australia
Biological Invasions (2021) 23 (11), 3383-3408
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Suppressing parthenium weed with beneficial plants in Australian grasslands
International Journal of Pest Management (2021) 67 (2), 114-120
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An assessment of weed flora 14 years after the introduction of glyphosate-tolerant cotton in Australia
Crop and Pasture Science (2017) 68 (8), 773-780
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Effects of thermal regimes, starvation and age on heat tolerance of the parthenium beetle Zygogramma bicolorata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) following dynamic and static protocols
PLoS ONE (2017) 12 (1 - e0169371)
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The soil seedbank of pasture communities in central Queensland invaded by Parthenium hysterophorus L.
Rangeland Ecology and Management (2017) 70 (2), 244-254
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Natural host range, thrips and seed transmission of distinct Tobacco streak virus strains in Queensland, Australia
Annals of Applied Biology (2015) 167 (2), 197-207
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Suppressive ability of selected fodder plants on the growth of Parthenium hysterophorus
Weed Research (2013) 53 (1), 61-68
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Introduction, establishment, and potential geographic range of Carmenta sp. nr ithacae (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae), a biological control agent for Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) in Australia
Environmental Entomology (2012) 41 (2), 317-325
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Reproductive variation in naturally occurring populations of the weed Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) in Australia
Weed Science (2012) 60 (4), 571-576
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Current and potential geographical distribution of the invasive plant Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) in eastern and southern Africa
Weed Research (2011) 51 (1), 71-84
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War of the weeds: Competition hierarchies in invasive species
Austral Ecology (2010) 35 (8), 871-878
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Distribution in Australia and seed transmission of Tobacco streak virus in Parthenium hysterophorus
Plant Disease (2009) 93 (7), 708-712
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Biological control of parthenium (Parthenium hysterophorus) in Australian rangeland translates to improved grass production
Weed Science (2007) 55 (5), 497-501
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Larval parasitism by native insects on the introduced stem-galling moth Epiblema strenuana Walker (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) and its implications for biological control of Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae)
Australian Journal of Entomology (2005) 44 (1), 83-88
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Management of parthenium weed through competitive displacement with beneficial plants
Weed Biology and Management (2005) 5 (2), 77-79
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The applicability of the plant vigor and resource regulation hypotheses in explaining Epiblema gall moth-Parthenium weed interactions
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2004) 113 (1), 63-70
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Germinable soil seedbanks of central Queensland rangelands invaded by the exotic weed Parthenium hysterophorus L..
Weed Biology and Management (2004) 4 (3), 154-167
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Current status of the stem-boring weevil Listronotus setosipennis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) introduced against the weed Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) in Australia
Biocontrol Science and Technology (2003) 13 (1), 3-12
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Seasonal variation in the effectiveness of the leaf-feeding beetle Zygogramma bicolorata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and stem-galling moth Epiblema strenuana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) as biocontrol agents on the weed Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae)
Bulletin of Entomological Research (2003) 93 (5), 393-401
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Responses of the weed Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) to the stem gall-inducing weevil Conotrachelus albocinereus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Entomologia Generalis (2002) 26 (3), 195-206
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Effectiveness of introduced biocontrol insects on the weed Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) in Australia
Bulletin of Entomological Research (2001) 91 (3), 167-176
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Effects of gall damage by the introduced biocontrol agent Epiblema strenuana (Lep., Tortricidae) on the weed Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae)
Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (2001) 125 (1-2), 1-8
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Biology and host specificity of the stem galling weevil Conotrachelus albocinereus Fiedler (Col.: Curculionidae), a biocontrol agent for Parthenium weed Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae) in Queensland, Australia
Biocontrol Science and Technology (2000) 10 (2), 195-200
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Behaviour of buried and surface-sown seeds of Parthenium hysterophorus
Weed Research (1998) 38 (5), 335-341
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Weeds resistant to chlorsulfuron and atrazine from the north-east grain region of Australia
Weed Research (1997) 37 (5), 343-349
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Phytophagons arthropods associated with Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) in North America
Environmental Entomology (1995) 24 (3), 796-809
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Biology of Bucculatrix parthenica Bradley sp. n. (Lepidoptera: Bucculatricidae) and its establishment in Australia as a biological control agent for Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae)
Bulletin of Entomological Research (1990) 80 (4), 427-432
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