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pest = Bryophyllum delagoense (weed)
country = Australia (NT+QLD)

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Polyphagy in the Australian population of South African citrus thrips (Scirtothrips aurantiiFaure)
Australian Journal of Entomology (2013) 52 (3), 282-289
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Eurytoma bryophylli sp. n. (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae), a leaf-borer of Bryophyllum delagoense (Crassulaceae) from Madagascar and a candidate for the biocontrol of the plant in Australia
African Entomology (2008) 16 (1), 60-67
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Insects associated with Bryophyllum delagoense (Crassulaceae) in Madagascar and prospects for biological control of this weed
African Entomology (2004) 12 (1), 1-7
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