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pest = Striga hermonthica (weed)
country = Ivory Coast

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Genetic variances and heritabilities of traits of an early yellow maize population after cycles of improvement for Striga resistance and drought tolerance
Crop Science (2018) 58 (6), 2261-2273
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Agronomic performance of Striga resistant early-maturing maize varieties and inbred lines in the savannas of West and Central Africa
Crop Science (2007) 47 (2), 737-748
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Evaluation of experimental varieties from recurrent selection for Striga resistance in two extra-early maize populations in the savannas of West and Central Africa
Experimental Agriculture (2007) 43 (2), 183-200
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Development of synthetic maize populations for resistance to Striga hermonthica
Plant Breeding (1998) 117 (3), 203-209
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