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pest = Botrytis cinerea
crop = Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)
country = Greece

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Under pressure: A comparative study of Botrytis cinerea populations from conventional and organic farms in Cyprus and Greece
Phytopathology (2022) 112 (10), 2236-2247
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Population structure, fungicide resistance profile, and sdhB mutation frequency of Botrytis cinerea from strawberry and greenhouse-grown tomato in Greece
Plant Disease (2015) 99 (2), 240-248
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Differences in frequency of transposable elements presence in Botrytis cinerea populations from several hosts in Greece
Plant Disease (2012) 96 (9), 1286-1290
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In vitro and in vivo activity of cyprodinil and pyrimethanil on Botrytis cinerea isolates resistant to other botryticides and selection for resistance to pyrimethanil in a greenhouse population in Greece
European Journal of Plant Pathology (2003) 109 (2), 173-182
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Epidemiology and control of Botrytis cinerea in tomato crops grown under cover in Greece
EPPO Bulletin (2000) 30 (2), 269-274
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