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pest = Cyperus rotundus (weed)
crop = Beans (Phaseolus)

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Survival of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens in weeds
Plant Pathology (2020) 69 (7), 1357-1367
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Interferencia de malezas en el cultivo de frijol en dos sistemas de labranzas
[Weeds influence in bean crop in two tillage systems]
Planta Daninha (2013) 31 (2), 319-327
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Interferência entre espécies de planta daninha e duas cultivares de feijoeiro em duas épocas de semeadura
[Interference between weed species and two bean cultivars in two times of sowing]
Bragantia (2010) 69 (3), 609-616
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Misturas de herbicidas no manejo de plantas daninhas na cultura do feijão
[Herbicide mixtures in weed management in bean culture]
Planta Daninha (2006) 24 (1), 107-114
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Aspectos fitossociológicos da comunidade de plantas daninhas na cultura do feijão sob diferentes sistemas de preparo do solo
[Phytosociological aspects of the weed community in bean crop under different soil tillage systems]
Planta Daninha (2005) 23 (1), 17-24
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Dinâmica populacional de plantas daninhas sob diferentes sistemas de manejo nas culturas de milho e feijão
[Weed population dynamics under different corn and bean production systems]
Planta Daninha (2003) 21 (1), 71-79
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Cyperus rotundus control by solarization
Biological Agriculture and Horticulture (1999) 17 (2), 151-157
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