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pest = Trichoderma harzianum
crop = Lentinula (crop)

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Specific PCR assays for the detection of Trichoderma harzianum causing green mold disease during mushroom cultivation
Mycoscience (2009) 50 (2), 94-99
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Changes in activity of extracellular enzymes in dual cultures of Lentinula edodes and mycoparasitic Trichoderma strains
Journal of Applied Microbiology (2002) 92 (3), 415-423
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Influence of contamination by Penicillium brevicompactum and Trichoderma harzianum during Lentinula edodes spawn run on fruiting in sawdust-based substrates
Mycoscience (2002) 43 (3), 277-280
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Selection and breeding of shiitake strains resistant to Trichoderma spp.
Canadian Journal of Botany - Revue Canadienne de Botanique (1995) 73 (S1), S962-S966
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