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pest = Fusarium poae
crop = Barley (Hordeum vulgare)

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Prevalence of Fusarium species causing head blight of spring wheat, barley and oat in Ontario during 2001–2017
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2019) 41 (3), 392-402
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Fusarium poae pathogenicity and mycotoxin accumulation on selected wheat and barley genotypes at a single location in Argentina
Plant Disease (2014) 98 (12), 1733-1738
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Acarus siro and Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Acari: Acarididae) transfer of Fusarium culmorum into germinated barley increases mycotoxin deoxynivalenol content in barley under laboratory conditions
International Journal of Acarology (2013) 39 (3), 235-238
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Effect of harvest date on barley grain contamination with Fusarium spp. and deoxynivalenol in northeastern Ontario
Phytoprotection (2013) 93, 1-7
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Development of TaqMan assays for the quantitative detection of Fusarium avenaceum/Fusarium tricinctum and Fusarium poae esyn1 genotypes from cereal grain
FEMS Microbiology Letters (2011) 314 (1), 49-56
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Multilocus sequence analysis of Fusarium poae
Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 93 (1), 119-126
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Head blight of barley in South Africa is caused by Fusarium graminearum with a 15-ADON chemotype
Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 93 (2), 321-329
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Development of a duplex PCR assay for the simultaneous detection of Fusarium poae and Fusarium sporotrichioides from wheat
Journal of Plant Pathology (2008) 90 (3), 441-447
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Mycotoxigenic potential of ten Fusarium species grown on sorghum and in vitro
Plant Pathology Journal (2008) 7 (2), 183-186
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Impacts of crop production factors on Fusarium head blight in barley in eastern Saskatchewan
Crop Science (2007) 47 (4), 1574-1584
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Effect of organic system on spring barley stem base health in comparison with integrated and conventional farming
Journal of Plant Protection Research (2007) 47 (2), 167-178
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The effects of growth regulators on spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) morphological indicators and grain contamination with fungi and mycotoxins
Agronomy Research (2006) 4 (special issue), 397-401
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Diversity and prevalence of Fusarium species from Quebec barley fields
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2006) 28 (3), 419-425
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Pathogenicity of Fusarium species causing head blight in barley
Phytoprotection (2006) 87 (2), 55-61
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Fusarium species pathogenic to barley and their associated mycotoxins
Plant Disease (1999) 83 (7), 667-674
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The fusarioses of barley with emphasis on the content of trichothecenes
Plant Protection Science (1999) 35 (3), 96-102
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Fusarium head blight, Fusarium species and mycotoxins in adapted and exotic barleys grown in Manitoba, Canada
International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) 7th meeting, section 6
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