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pest = Rhizopus stolonifer
crop = Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

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Role of fruit surface mycoflora, wounding and storage conditions on post-harvest disease development on greenhouse tomatoes
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 38 (4), 448-459
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Influência da temperatura, período de molhamneto e concentração do inóculo de fungos na incidência de podridões pós-colheita em frutos de tomateiro
[Influence of temperature, wetness period and fungal inoculum concentration on incidence of post-harvest tomato fruit rots]
Fitopatologia Brasileira (2001) 26 (1), 33-38
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Chlorine concentration and the inoculation of tomato fruit in packinghouse dump tanks
Plant Disease (2001) 85 (8), 885-889
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Studies on fungi associated with tomato fruits and effectiveness of some commercial fungicides against three pathogens
Mycopathologia (1995) 130 (2), 109-116
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Alternaria mycotoxins in black rot lesion of tomato fruit: Conditions and regulation of their production
Mycopathologia (1995) 130 (3), 171-177
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