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Onion/garlic/leek (Allium) - (Vegetables)

List of pests:

Diptera (plant parasitic)
Hemiptera - Cicadomorpha
Hemiptera - Sternorrhyncha
Other insect orders (plant/storage pests)
Other pests

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Ancognatha scarabaeoides
Epicaerus operculatus
Galeruca daurica

Diptera (plant parasitic):
Atherigona orientalis
Bradysia cellarum
Bradysia difformis
Bradysia impatiens
Bradysia odoriphaga
Delia antiqua
Delia florilega
Delia platura
Liriomyza bryoniae
Liriomyza chinensis
Liriomyza huidobrensis
Liriomyza sativae
Liriomyza trifolii
Phytomyza gymnostoma
Phytomyza horticola

Hemiptera - Cicadomorpha:
Empoasca abrupta

Hemiptera - Sternorrhyncha:
Bactericera tremblayi
Bemisia tabaci
Myzus persicae
Neotoxoptera formosana
Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Acrolepiopsis assectella
Acrolepiopsis sapporensis
Agrotis ipsilon
Chrysodeixis acuta
Spodoptera exigua
Spodoptera frugiperda
Spodoptera litura

Other insect orders (plant/storage pests):
Frankliniella fusca
Frankliniella intonsa
Frankliniella occidentalis
Frankliniella schultzei
Frankliniella tenuicornis
Romalea microptera
Schistocerca gregaria
Scirtothrips dorsalis
Scirtothrips longipennis
Thrips obscuratus
Thrips palmi
Thrips tabaci

Other pests:
Aceria tulipae
Rhizoglyphus echinopus
Rhizoglyphus robini
Rhizoglyphus robustus
Rhizoglyphus setosus
Rhizoglyphus tsutienensis
Tetranychus urticae