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Clover (Trifolium) - (Forage/fodder crops)

List of pests-diseases-weeds for country: Australia (Western)

Information on pests, diseases and weeds without links can be found in the downloadable Excel files



Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes:
Ascochyta medicaginicola
Kabatiella caulivora

Ascomycota - Leotiomycetes:
Erysiphe trifoliorum

Ascomycota - Sordariomycetes:
Cylindrocarpon didymum

Rhizoctonia solani
Uromyces trifolii-repentis

Other fungal-like organisms:
Aphanomyces (genus)
Aphanomyces trifolii
Globisporangium irregulare
Phytophthora clandestina
Pythium (genus)

Other plant diseases:
Phytoplasma australiense

Plant viruses:
Alfalfa mosaic virus
Bean yellow mosaic virus
Clover yellow vein virus
Cucumber mosaic virus
Soybean dwarf virus
Subterranean clover mottle virus
White clover mosaic virus


Hemiptera - Sternorrhyncha:
Acyrthosiphon kondoi

Other pests:
Halotydeus destructor