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Pistachio nut and relatives (Pistacia) - (Nut crops)

List of countries with pests-diseases-weeds

(numbers in brackets behind countries are numbers of pests-diseases-weeds found)
Click on a country to display the relevant list of pests, diseases and weeds.

Southern Europe
Cyprus (3)
Greece (5)
Italy (9)
Spain (continental) (9)

North/Central America
U.S.A. (SE) (3)
U.S.A. (SW) (47)

Eastern Asia
China (NW) (1)
China (south) (1)

Australia (South+SE) (2)

Western Asia
Iran (38)
Pakistan (1)
Turkey (19)

Near East
Israel (6)
Jordan (1)
Syria (1)

Northern Africa
Algeria (1)
Egypt (1)
Spain (Canary Is.) (1)
Tunisia (3)

Southern Africa
South Africa (3)