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List of weeds:

Eudicotyledons (other orders)
Eudicotyledons - Asterales
Eudicotyledons - Brassicales
Eudicotyledons - Caryophyllales
Eudicotyledons - Fabales
Eudicotyledons - Solanales

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Eudicotyledons (other orders):
Cucumis anguria (weed)
Kalanchoe daigremontiana (weed)
Ludwigia (weeds)

Eudicotyledons - Asterales:
Aldama dentata (weed)
Chromolaena odorata (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Brassicales:
Capsella bursa-pastoris (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Caryophyllales:
Amaranthus dubius (weed)
Boerhavia diffusa (weed)
Pereskia aculeata (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Fabales:
Mimosa pigra (weed)
Mimosa pudica (weed)
Parkinsonia aculeata (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Solanales:
Datura stramonium (weed)

Cyperus odoratus (weed)
Cyperus rotundus (weed)
Echinochloa colona (weed)
Eleusine indica (weed)
Fimbristylis littoralis (weed)
Ischaemum rugosum (weed)
Limnocharis flava (weed)
Oryza (weeds)
Rottboellia cochinchinensis (weed)
Sorghum bicolor arundinaceum (weed)

Pteridium aquilinum (weed)