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Puerto Rico

Information on weeds without links can be found in the downloadable Excel files

List of weeds:

Eudicotyledons (other orders)
Eudicotyledons - Caryophyllales
Eudicotyledons - Fabales
Eudicotyledons - Solanales

Eudicotyledons (other orders):
Ardisia elliptica (weed)
Cissus verticillata (weed)
Jasminum fluminense (weed)
Melaleuca quinquenervia (weed)
Spathodea campanulata (weed)
Thunbergia alata (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Caryophyllales:
Antigonon leptopus (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Fabales:
Leucaena leucocephala (weed)
Macroptilium lathyroides (weed)
Pueraria phaseoloides (weed)
Rhynchosia minima (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Solanales:
Ipomoea alba (weed)
Ipomoea tiliacea (weed)

Brachiaria mutica (weed)
Eichhornia crassipes (weed)
Panicum maximum (weed)
Spathoglottis plicata (weed)