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Information on weeds without links can be found in the downloadable Excel files

List of weeds:

Eudicotyledons (other orders)
Eudicotyledons - Fabales
Eudicotyledons - Malvales

Eudicotyledons (other orders):
Alectra vogelii (weed)
Buchnera hispida (weed)
Rhamphicarpa fistulosa (weed)
Striga (weeds)
Striga asiatica (weed)
Striga aspera (weed)
Striga gesnerioides (weed)
Striga hermonthica (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Fabales:
Prosopis juliflora (weed)

Eudicotyledons - Malvales:
Sida cordifolia (weed)

Digitaria ciliaris (weed)
Eichhornia crassipes (weed)